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Question & embarrassing question!!


Hi I have ibs (d) symptoms & been on lowfodmap diet for a year!!!! & still can not tolerate barely anything nor unable to eat hardly anything on list.What would be next step? My embarrassing question.. I recently have a new symptom of Gas that smells of rotten egg :( what in world is that? Specially when my diet doesn't consist of much & I stay away from anything that would be a trigger. Ugh! I also had SIBO & that is under control & re-tested & is gone. Most people that have this feel better when it's gone.. Any opinions I would sooo appreciate, specially on the gas part :(


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Are you also dairy free (not just lactose as per the FODMAP).

Hi, yes I have been dairy free for 20yrs..

Not sure about the gas problem but you may be sensitive to bio chemicals (Salicylates, Amines and Glutamate) in foods. Some research has been done in Australia and a very strict elimination diet has been designed.

I hope that helps. I'm going to give it a try as I'm fed up with being bloated everyday for the last 20 years! Fodmap along with GF & dairy Free has gone some way to helping me but I think I may be sensitive to some of these chemicals.

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Thank you, haven't heard of this.. Will check out

hi have you had a SEHCAT Scan done , i had same symptoms you mentioned until i was diagnosed with BAM [ bile acid malabsorption ] i was prescribed cholestyramine and that has help alot . also if your on medication some of the bulking agents can work against you. Trisha [ Ireland ]

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Hi, interesting you say that.. My dr seems to believe I don't produce stomach acid? Is that the same? I'm not on any meds, just probiotics that are perscribed specific to me.

hi BAM is when the bile from the galbladder is not absorbed properly in the intestines so it causes diahria and an burning pain in stomach , but not always pain . im going to be graphic now, if you look at your stool you will notice a mucus mustard to orange colour not large amounts . also i would check ingredients on your probiotics to see any added ingredients . Trisha

Diarrhea caused by bile acids was first recognized

in 1967, when Alan Hofmann described this

phenomenon as cholerhetic enteropathy.1

Despite more than 40 years since the initial report,

bile acid diarrhea remains an underrecognized and

underappreciated cause of chronic diarrhea. One recent

report found that only 6% of British gastroenterologists

investigate for bile acid malabsorption (BAM) as

part of the first-line testing in patients with chronic

diarrhea, while 61% consider the diagnosis only in

selected patients or not at all.2

As a consequence, many

patients are diagnosed with other causes of diarrhea

or are considered to have irritable bowel syndrome or

functional diarrhea by exclusion, thereby interfering

with, and delaying proper treatment. The goal of this

review is to raise awareness of this clinical condition so

that it may be considered in the differential diagnosis of

chronic diarrhea.


If you don't tolerate lactose you should also be careful with any tablet medication as a lot contains lactose, even ibuprofen and loperamide.

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