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Have I got right dose

I spoke to one of the Drs at my surgery and she has given me Phenergan 10mg but I notice Shona says the Boots ones are 25mg. Will these still work at the lower dose as my IBS is very bad in the morning and wanted to try Ph as it is meant to be very good. I know Rosie halved the tablets but I am worried these won't help me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Croque,

After a couple of weeks I did increase my dose to a whole tablet (25mg). Taking a half tab worked okay, but a whole one gives me an even better night's sleep! Give the low dose a try and if it doesn't work for you, buy some from a pharmacy, they're very cheap - 56 tabs for about £7. Let us know it goes for you.



Rosie. Thank you so much, I think I am worried because my worry may stop it working, bit of a funny way of describing it.


Know just what you're saying, but I think it actually overrides the anxiety. Hope it works for you.


Im taking half a tab in the a.m. as take a sleeper at night.

Was doing ok but a bit of flare at mo...probably stress.

After xmas hopefully less stress and will try 25 mg ...ph makes me a bit sleepy.

I would be interested to see how it works for croque


Thank you calista will let you know how I get on. At present still having bad IBS.


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