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IBS and food

Hi guys,

I've had really bad nausea for about a month, and in the last couple of days it's been a little better (I still can't eat anything without feeling sick, but small steps!) the doctors don't know what's wrong with me, but have suggested IBS and I wondered if anyone could help in terms of what is good/bad to eat?

I've done some internet searches, but it all seems quite complicated.

Thank you.

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You have come to very good place. You would find good help here.

Did you have all tests done that confirms IBS ? (like ultrasound scan, Sigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy, Gastroscopy, etc.)

In terms of food, it will be mostly trial&error method. You can track your symptoms & see how it changes with food. In many cases, acidic food causes such nausea, IBS symptoms. In that case, switching to alkaline diet would help. You can talk to any dietitian/nutritionist to help your IBS symptoms.

You are correct, googling IBS can help you, but it can drive you crazy as lot of information available. So, I would just stick to 1 or 2 particular source where you can trust and follow-up with some dietitian. You can check my story, if you find something useful. healthunlocked.com/theibsne...



I wondered if anyone could help in terms of what is good/bad to eat?

Everyone is different, get a private food intolerance test.(£50)(cut them foods out for 3 months)

Foodmap made me so ill, others find it helped

Ask the doctor for lactose intolerance, ceilac and allergy tests

Once you have that information, if I was you, I would follow an alkaline diet 80/20 with probiotics etc. As this restores health so then 1 day, you can start to reintroduce foods back,

Check yourself for signs of any deficiencies etc

What symptoms do you have ?

Are docs doing any more tests ?

Are you on any meds ?

Anyone can say eat..... but no one knows if it will make you better or worse

I was told by hospital to follow foodmap, docs told me to drink lemon in water ?,I then found out I was intolerant to most of the foods, including lemons lol

The only thing you can do is start with plain complex carbs like sweet potato wholegrain rice etc, plain chicken or turkey, tuna etc, butter from grass fed cows, good fats, maybe goats milk and loads of different veg lightly steamed, then try adding live yogurt, goats cheese, bean/lentils etc and see how you go, Try and stick to whole foods.

Again this was good for me but does not mean none of these will not make you feel worse etc. (I had over 16 intolerance's)

If I was you I would get all tests done asap and keep going until you find the root cause,

which could be anything from a deficiency, or a food intolerance or something more serious.

Look in to digestive enzymes, They help break down your food.

Drink 1.5l to 2l water a day



I found ginger very good, tea and sweets. I had nausea constantly for about three weeks, then I suddenly realised it had just gone. Sometimes I think it's that "brain" in your gut playing games.

Try and eat as plain as you can, no sauces, spices, cakes, tasty things etc. Chicken and rice worked well for me, boring white bread. Everything your heart tells you is right - no treats. Hope you get it sorted for Christmas x


I agree with Pandora, keep a daily diet for good and bad days. Good luck.


Thank you all for your comments :) I didn't know there was such a thing as an alkaline diet.

I am going back to the doctor next week and will ask for some more tests, but in the mean time, I can keep a food diary.

Thank you


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