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Suffering with ibs


I have tried all different medicines, my doctor recently prescribed me with Apercap and I am worse trapped wind, bloated rock solid stomach and gas.

I don't eat anything that will harm me but when take these tablets I get worse.

Please help it's affecting so badly.

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Maybe allergic to lactose?

Hi Stacey

I can understand your situation. I have gone through some similar experiences.

None of the medicines prescribed by Dr. helped me, except peppermint oil capsules. But I then found probiotics and some natural treatments helpful to deal with the root cause of the problem. Stress/Anxiety is also a major factor in such cases.

I would suggest, get all the tests done first colonoscopy, gastroscopy, etc. and make sure that its IBS & not something else. Meanwhile try some natural remedies. If you say you have gas & bloating, try taking fennel powder 1 tbsp after every meal, 3 times a day. Fennel helps to remove gas & acid reflux. You can also search about psyllium husk powder, it helps to clear the colon. These are all natural. I personally found diet plays a big role in eliminating the symptoms. Check a book called, Listen To Your Gut. You may find it useful to manage your diet.

Hi. I've been on Colpermin 3 times a day and they work for me. Recently I was diagnosed as being wheat intolerant so I'm not allowed any form of wheat including modified wheat. Not even wheat flower. No kind of wheat. I've IBS for over 40 yrs and this has changed my life. May God grant u relief. Shirl

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