So much gas

I remember now what happens when I don't use lactose/lactase pills :/. I first get bloated and then burping for long periods of time. An hour ago or so I woke up and started burping. After 30 mins it woke up my husband and he couldn't go back to sleep. I also usually feel depressed around the same time (before burping). I feel better after it's gone. Lol. I need to pick up more pills to help digest lactose. It's really hard to avoid it. Unless I'm actually allergic to dairy. I do not know. I have strange experiences with food. I can't tell what's causing what I lot of the time but anyways. I'm a petite person and can sometimes eat a lot. I ate a decent amount of pizza last night. Didn't have lactose pills. Took a chance as it's been a while. I probably should see gastroenterologist again. He just seemed upset that I didn't do other test (cause not feeling well). I have complicated condition still getting sorted out. Some stuff not directly to do with stomach I don't think but I have had muscle jerks, including abdominal. Don't know if that can relate at all.

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  • Hi do you have issues with any other foods? With IBS a low FODMAP diet is generally advised. I struggle with wheat and dairy (lactose) and some other foods. I have just started taking digestive enzymes (including lactase) and am already noticing an improvement. You may or may not be lactose intolerant or just have a sensitivity. The lactase you have been taking has been working which suggests your lacking in certain digestive enzymes that helps your food to be digested. Maybe try a combination of digestive enzymes and see if they help. X

  • Yeah, I think I struggle with other foods as well and sometimes even taking lactose pills I still get other problems. So it would probably help to try that. I don't really know how that works but I can look it up and probably want to follow up with a doctor cause I want to go about it properly. I get confused about how to go about food elimination diet though that would be good to see what's what.

  • This should help get an understanding..

    Certainly talk to your doctor they may/may not be able to advise you on them as it's a supplement not a medication. They could refer you to a dietician who may help on that side of things and also FODMAP. X

  • Okay. Thank you.

  • I'd be really interested to hear what happens with your muscle jerk symptoms as I used to get this a lot. Not quite so much now so I wonder if its stress/nerve related.

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