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Pain in the "nether regions!"

Hi all

I have had interstitial cystitis for many years but latterly IBS which is why I am here!

So I just need to ask this embarrassing question

Go to the toilet and want to open my bowels but I notice extreme pain around the back end and between my legs and it hurts like hell

It feels like the area you would sit on a bike saddle that hurts the most if that makes sense?

When I have had a motion it goes but up until then its awful and I can sit on the toilet for ages

I just need to know if this rings a bell with any of you fellow sufferer?

I am looking into eating a clean diet as I cannot work out what is making me bloat, get these pains and be constipated so much

Thanks so much in advance


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The pain in your " bum " could be something called proctalgiafugex. Think that's how u spell it. (Worth googling)" basically it is nerve spasms in the rectum.

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