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Left side pain with IBS?


Hi everyone,

I would like to ask you all if you have a pain on your belly low left side? That’s making me worried from some weeks, the pain is almost all the time with me, sometimes more and sometimes less but I can feel it all the time. When I press this painful part it hurts more. I am just wondering if that’s common IBS symptom.

Thank you :)

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I have suffered from lower left-sided pain for about 50 years now (I have IBS and IBD), but I don't think it is an exclusive symptom of either, it is a symptom of something that is wrong so get it checked out. If you have been diagnosed with IBS then it is not uncommon to have these random aches and pains (which can be anywhere in the belly) and it is unfortunately something that cannot be remedied easily. There are things and ways to help you overcome these attacks, although if you have constant pain, I doubt anything will completely bring relief. Have you noticed if it improves or gets worse when you poop?

Neele in reply to FRreedman

Hi FRreedman,

Thank you for your answer! I have called my GP and they are still doing the check for me. I had 2 blood tests and 2 stool samples tests and all is normal so far. I am waiting for another blood test. I started with low FODMAP diet too which helps a little with also taking mebeverine, buscopan, peppermint oil regularly but even with all of that the pain is still here, just sometimes goes away for a while and the comes back. I feel it as a kind of stabbing pain on the lower left side but it goes around too, sometimes I can feel in my back on the left side sometimes goes upper sometimes lower. I am planning to do proper check on my body like colonoscopy, scan ... Yes probably the pain is a little less after poop but not much, I have noticed It is worse when I have bloating problem which usually comes afternoon or in the evenings. I really hope to get rid of it very soon but it looks like it is not going to be easy.

Thank you again for your time :)

Bits1961 in reply to FRreedman

I also have suffered this pain for many years.I had multiple tests and nothing ever showed up.So in the end I gave up going to the doctors and decided if it hadn't killed me yet I would just have to live with it.😐

That describes my pain low left side toothache like that dosent let up ..had fit test positive so now I'm paranoid had ct scan all clear pain has gone now after 2 months ho says must be ibs ..made small changes in diet more fibre fruit so no more constipation now going everyday...your body is strange I'm convinced it's worse with anxiety and worry but you cant help yourself.....

I've had left sided pain and discomfort for about 2 years. I have IBS-C and in remission with ulcerative colitis. My IBD team say I have the pain because of constipation. I've just started taking psyllium husk to get things moving and then cosmocal to keep everything loose. Hopefully I'll see some improvement

edwangy in reply to DarrenH70

hello Darren, would you let me know how you get on with the cosmocol. I have been prescribed it for ibs c, but am reluctant to take it in case it causes diahorrea and wind etc. I suffer enough already with pain and don't want to make it worse

DarrenH70 in reply to edwangy

I will do. I've stopped taking it for now as I ended up taking too many things and not knowing what was actually working for me. When I start it again I'll let you know

Neele in reply to DarrenH70

Thank you, I think I’ll try psyllium husk too .

MOLLYMILO007 in reply to Neele

Yes thatz good and slippery elm for condtipation

Hello yes I get pain lower left going into my groin abs it also gives me sciatica pain horrible ! Hope you feel better soon

Neele in reply to Towe

Yea, this pain goes to my groin and even my back sometimes. Hope you’ll feel better soon too.

Yes I get left side pain sometimes.GP said bowel is in spasm and prescribed Colofac which helps.It doesn't give immediate relief but over about 2 weeks symptoms improve.

Neele in reply to Bradstock

Thank you, I am taking the same medication but this one doesn’t help much, I have noticed I feel better after taking peppermint oil.

Anything you are worried about should really be discussed via a phone consultation with your GP.

I can relate to your comment. As a sufferer of IBS for over 40 years, I have had this frequently. It eventually goes away once I calm down, get busy to keep my mind off of it and walk every day. My anxiety makes it worse. I take 1 fiber capsule every other day to control loose stools. I find the simpler I keep my food & medication intake, the better I am.

Neele in reply to Virgo-8

Thank you, yes that’s truth, I feel worse with the pain and other IBS symptoms when I am stressed and also when I eat not very good food. I didn’t really believe diet would help me with the pain, but after 2 days of FODMAP diet I feel much better. Eating regularly and smaller portions helps too.

Virgo-8 in reply to Neele

Happy to hear you are feeling better. It can be a struggle.

MrAddy in reply to Virgo-8

Do you think Fibre Capsules work better than Fibre Gel type drinks, if you have tried them?

Virgo-8 in reply to MrAddy

I just find it easier to pop a capsule than mix the drink. Lol

Hey Neele, I am constantly in some kind of pain, or discomfort, ache, on the left side depending on the level of flare up I have. I also have a shooting pains a little lower but on the right hand side after a bad flare up.

The left side, however, has the bulk of the symptoms from IBS-D, and IBS-C is pretty much everywhere else.

If I put any pressure on it, it hurts, or more to the point, it irritates it and starts it off again and I am back on the loo not long after. A pain in the bum does not cover it! Hope you feel better soon though :)

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