Feelings of Doubt Returning

Hey everyone, its been a while. Still having similar symptoms I hate not feeling 100% normal and worry free. I'm still constipated all of the time, as I have always been pretty much. I get sharp pains in my back, stomach, anus. I had a colonoscopy done in june which did not show anything significant. I'm very gassy a lot of times although that is most likely from my diet. I don't drink as much water as I should. I just can't help but to think there is something wrong with me that is life-threatening because I have had these symptoms for a while. Just don't know what to do.

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  • Prunes and figs and colpermein

  • What have you tried?

  • Drink more water.its hard i know because ive had to do it.i have colpermin and fibregel for my constipatation.i have the same as you but not so gassy.i have to have something for the pain.i get constipated very easily.im waiting for some results to come back.i hope you get sorted.try n talk to your dr if you can get 1 that understands.good luck.x

  • I recently had a colonoscopy, and I have mild diverculitus I have been told to drink 8 glasses of water a day, and not eat seeds or pips jam etc. I am bloated and still have ibs which when bad take copper min and fybogel if you take fybogel after evening meal, you might feel a bit more bloated but you will go hopefully the next day.the hospital have not mentioned about ibs but I have internal piles.

  • I leave a large glass of water by my bed at night and drink it as soon as I wake in the morning. Also take a tablespoon of linseeds with a glass of water in the morning and at night. I think linseeds work wonders. Good luck.

  • I use 100% Aracia. I also drink Fennel, Ginger teas. There is good website run by: Heather VanDoross. She has had IBS for over 20 years. Her website: "Help for IBS". She has a wealth of information. You can look up anything on her website just by putting a word in the search engine.

  • Hi, so sorry to hear of your symptoms. I've had the pain which you describe, it flares up always if I'm stressed or upset. Your worrying will make the symptoms worse, I know this as I suffer from anxiety too. But in my case, when the stressful situation eases, the pain will ease too (although not immediately, it does take time.) The best thing to try and do is manage your worrying - a course of cognitive behaviour therapy helped me, but also it's worth trying mindfulness meditation, or yoga - something which relaxes both body and mind.

    If your colonoscopy didn't show anything significant, then that must be good news. believe me, I have worried myself into such terrible states over the years, but the Drs say that unless you have any "red flag" symptoms, such as passing blood etc, then you must be re assured that it is IBS which you have (as awful as that is) . Please try not to worry too much, although that's easier said than done, but controlling the anxiety will definitely help.

    Have you had blood tests for food allergies? Gluten intolerance etc? If not, you should ask for them, as that may re assure you also.

    Camomile tea, is also soothing for the gut, and is relaxing, I have a at least on cup per day.

    I hope that helps, good luck with it all, and best wishes.

  • Lousy I know myself mine is from pain killers - all constipation givers. Choose it over pain. I use Movicol sachets 1or 2 a day and add 1 teaspoon of Bi carbonate of soda and if not take the bi carb daily anyway. Read it helps stop cancer so as it is, also find in Enos Urals and lots of tum meds and cleans everything so add to your tum drink daily.

    Also have self enema for bad days. And if think it is too clean hard take 4 Senna's at bed time. Usually moves it by bedtime or 7pm so not a worry to going out etc. Thats because its compacting. Nasty. But I deal with it by this and hope for the best.

    Best wishes

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