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Visible stomach cramps is it normal in IBS or is it more likely to be the Fibromyalgia?

I am having really bad cramping in my stomach and have been prescribed Buscopan which do help but the cramping I'm getting is visible on my stomach and pulls tight just under the breast bone. Is this normal for IBS cramps to be visible like that only I thought the cramping was just internal? Thinking it may be Fibromyalgia as I know that muscle cramps are a problem with that too. I take tablets for muscle spasms where my limbs will suddenly jerk out but this is different. Any thoughts would be very welcome.

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Hi Linden, I have NO idea what you mean when you say 'visible stomach cramps'... ?? Unless you mean you can just actually SEE your stomach contort?? I would get myself right back to the dr, if that is the case....

Also, stomach cramping is NOT common to fibromyalgia... (something I had for years)... It is true that all of your muscles can hurt and ache everywhere...but with fibro--it never is confined just to your stomach area...

I wish you would have given us more info on your 'muscles jerking' suddenly... have your drs given that a label??

Take care and best wishes... Please go back to the dr....

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Sorry if I confused you.

What I mean by the cramping is that you can visibly see the muscle across the front of my stomach contracting and squeezing tightly against the bottom of my rib cage. I showed it to the Dr when he examined me 2 weeks ago and that is when I was given the Buscopan. It was really bad yesterday afternoon but after I took my concoction of meds after tea it eased off. It is fine again this morning. I think it may be rice that is an issue for me. First thing to put on my definitely don't eat list!

The muscle jerking I suppose is really a muscle spasm when the muscle suddenly contracts and I my arm or leg jerks. I suppose you could liken it to someone who has a muscle twitching only this actually moves the part of my body. I understand from other Fibro sufferers that it is quite a common thing. The medication I am on is an anti-spasticity tablet that is used for people who have little or no control over the movements of their limbs.


I can see my stomach undulating, like a wave effect, quite visible. I think its when its full of wind. Not sure that's what you mean though?

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No that's not what I was referring to. I suppose what I am really asking is are the abdominal cramps you get with IBS just internal like they seem to say on the adverts for Buscopan etc? I'll try and be more specific next time.


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