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ibs symptoms

have had ibs for 5years but only symptoms have been bloating and constipation took mebevalin but made no difference recently feel sick when eat wheat related items am okay with barley based food am on docusate for constipation but has been fine since been off wheat still have probs with bloating would colpermin help have been tested for celiac and wheat allergy both negative (had camera down and biopsy down )was wheat could be a trigger for ibs any suggestions of what to try was also given lansoprazole for slight imflamation

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Hi Savvanah. Your symptoms definitely sound like IBS. In which case I would strongly advise you to try the FODMAP diet. This helps you to determine which foods are causing your symptoms, and which foods you are able to tolerate. Devised at Monash university, Australia, and only recently adopted by NHS, it has so far had a 75% success rate. Ask your G.P. to refer you to a dietician trained in the FODMAP diet. Meanwhile you can research it on line. Good luck to you.


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