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Anyone heard of this op ?

Hi all. I was talking to a guy I'm vaguely acquainted with last night and it came up in the conversation that he has Barrets Oesophagus the same as me. As the conversation progressed he told me how bad his ibs used to be ( these 2 illnesses go hand in hand mostly). We were discussing just how rubbish it can be being an ibs sufferer when he told me about an operation in which his stomach was completely turned around and re attached had transformed his life. He had this op a few years ago through bupa and his ibs has never returned. He couldn't remember the name of the procedure but he said he would try & find out. I'm unlikely to see him for a while so I thought I would put it out there to you guys. Have any of you heard of this op ? It was done through keyhole surgery he said. Sometimes my ibs is just so horrible I would go to any lengths to be free of it. I'm intrigued.


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Im sorry agood ive not heard of the op and i dont think it would be done on the nhs.


I have never heard of this...


I have never heard of this procedure. Let us know what you find out about it.


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