Ibs ?

Hi everyone.ive wanted to ask this question for a while but been abit to embarressed.does anyone have this.when i open my bowels,i have to take fibregel cos i dont eat much due to lack of appetite.i feel alot of the time i havent finished and feel like i want to do more but cant.its so uncomfortable and makes my pains stay longer.im having more of this and what with with the stomach pains and this,its really getting me down.im woken every day bout 6 and dont sleep well.i dread every day that comes.i wondered if anyone has this.thank you to you all that answer me and support me cos i feel that no one understands all what we go thru only ourselves.

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  • Hi,

    Yes, incomplete bowel emptying is a very common problem and you should never be too embarrassed to ask anything on here!

    I used to have it before FODMAPs sorted me out and if I fall off the wagon with my diet it starts up again.

    I used to try all sorts of stuff to clear my bowels out properly and often found that only a proper laxative plus glycerin suppositories would (sometimes) do the trick. It sounds like the wrong approach when diarrhoea is the main problem, but it was the best solution I found.

    Fybogel never did me any good at all and gave me a lot of wind and gas.


  • Hi rosie.thank you for your nice reply.i thought it maybe one of the many problems of ibs.i looked at fodmap diet and to be honest i dont eat alot of things.my appetite is so poor.but all the drs ignore me and the dieticien when i tell them.this has being going on for a year now and thats why ive lost 2 stone.it isnt nice at all.i feel now the drs in my surgery just think its ibs n the rest of it is in my head.which upsets me cos i know darn well it isnt.im so tired all the while cos i dont sleep properly.you could go on an on couldnt you rosie.im so glad ive found this forum.all of you are so very nice and i dont feel on my own with it all now.x

  • Torchy,Don't ever feel alone,there are thousands of people out there like me and you,and this is the place to say exactly how you feel,without embarrassment. What you feel is simply normal for IBS.

    How have you found out you have IBS,did your GP tell you or have you had tests?

  • Thank you for your kind message gemini.its just so good to have all u people that understand.my dr thinks i could have ibs and diverticulitis.the consultant i saw a couple of weeks ago thinks its ibs.so ive had a cat scan and now ive got to have a celiac blood test and feaces test.then he will send me for when he has results.i also have fibremalgia and arthiritis.

  • Sorry to tell you Torchy,but he can't think you have IBS or Diverticlitis without a Colonoscopy,if you want my advice I'd push for one. Firstly that's the test that can rule out any other nasties,and as for IBS they don't have a test for that,so when they can rule out everything they then come up with IBS.On the plus side that test also can tell them if you have Diverticlitis ,then you will be able to treat yourself accordingly. But without that test they can't guess what you have. Stamp your feet a little more it's your health at the end of the day.

    I'm only saying this to you because there's been to many mistakes with my health to sit back,I push for everything now. They don't seem to care like they used to.

    Your health you take care of it. Sorry to rant

  • Thank you for that gemini.ive got to have my blood test tomorrow to test for cealiac antibodies,also i have to do a feacal elastate.so sample of my poo.then consultant has the results from those and my cat scan he will send for me to discuss things.thank you ever so much for your advice.x

  • Although you say you don't eat much (and food isn't the problem for some people anyway), it's possible that the small meals you're eating are comprised of the very things that are causing some of your problems.

    Try replacing wheat bread with corn or rice crackers or tortillas

    Have lactose-free milk and yoghurt

    Don't eat fruit with stones in or apples or pears

    Use the green end of spring onions in cooking instead of onion bulbs, garlic and leeks.

    These are very simple things to try and I suggest you have a go at doing them for a couple of weeks and see if you get any improvement.

    It's really important to keep trying things out, you may just hit on the answer when you least expect it. I couldn't get FODMAPs to work for me initially, it was only when I realised that, in addition to the diet, I had to eliminate rice on top of everything else as that was giving me huge probs.

  • Hi rosie.thank you for your reply.alot of those foods you mentioned i dont eat.i eat basically the same every day with having no appetite and i can get some days that arent too bad,then days ive got pains etc really bad.i spoke to the dietician about it all n all she gave me was paperwork off the computer about ibs.my stomach is really sensitive to alot of things even some tablets now.and i think it could be all the tablets and zomorph for my what they thought was rhemotiod athiritis when it was fibremalagia.yes like i said ive chronic arthirits n now i cant take anything for either of them cos they make my stomach worse.i hope your keeping alright rosie.

  • Hi Torchy have you tried physillium husks? (Amazon) You take a couple of teaspoons in water half an hour or so before meals. They add bulk to the stools and add fibre to your diet. As Rosie has mentioned about fybogel - it didn't do anything for me either. Whereas the physillium husks did. Also have you tried peppermint oil capsules. My doctor gives me these and they help enormously with wind, bloating etc. Don't give up and don't get too down about it. You just need to find out what works for you and take it from there. Good luck!!!!!

  • Thank you so much Tracker for the nice message.ive never heard of that but i will definately look into it.fibregel does help but i just wonder if it could make my stomach ache worse.can you only get these husks on amazon.i have tried peppermint capsules but they made my stomach burn more.

  • Hi Torchy. Yes, I get mine from Amazon. Just put physillium husks into the Amazon search and sellers will come up. I think I pay about £11 for a big bag that lasts ages. Take it with plenty of water. It's not the best of tastes but who cares if it works. Sorry the peppermint doesn't work. I also take a little cider vinegar before my food in warm water and I find that helps with my low stomach acid. I do feel for you - digestive problems make you feel so miserable but you are not alone. It's just a question of finding out what helps and what doesn't.

  • Thank you so much for the message Tracker.x

  • Anytime. Let us know how you go on with all your tests. PM if you want to chat or need support. x

  • Thank you Tracker.i will let you know when i get my results.x

  • Hi Torchy, I am the same as you , no appetite and eat very little, and sleep ha what is this. I am IBs-d so opposite to you, and as for the Drs well what's the point they just don't understand, Don't ever feel alone you can chat to any one on here, we are al suffering with similar problems, and never feel embarrassed . I have got to the stage where I have become very open about it, and you would be suprised as to how many people around you also suffer in silence . I hope you feel better now that you have had replies and I hope they have helped you. Take care

  • Hi Blue.thank you so much for your kind reply.yes im so glad i found this site its a God send.you must be the same as me and all the others,fedup and it makes you feel so miserable often doesnt it.i find that when eaten (not alot ) i feel like i want to open my bowels and thats nearly as bad as the awful pain.i seem to get this wanting to go n nothing there,more and more.when you have it every day and pain waking me up about 6 every morning i sometimes dread the next day cos mine has no pattern whats so ever.i hope you arent suffering too much.kind wishes.x

  • My routine is between 4am -6 I just give up with sleep, I can be running to the Loo just drinking water, and the docs say bad diet, err no hardly eat now. Have you tried any of the diets that help constipation. My Dad swore by fresh prunes and it helped him each morning he would have them with porridge m but I know you and me couldn't stomache porridge , how about just prune juice in small amounts in the morning. Or calafig I think I got the name right may help, also leave white bread alone, it can cause constipation.

    I hope you find a pattern soon for you and glad you find this site helpfull all the best Blue

  • Hi Blue.thank you for suggesting things for my constipation.i have tried prune juice but it made my stomach hurt more.your worse than me with your times.i dont get alot of sleep and like you im shattered.but dont it get you down every blooming morning.ive bin on liquid only diet for three days to give my bowels a rest,thats what my dr said it would do.but i still had bad pains in stomach.im just fedup up with it all and i bet you are too.ive not heard of that other juice.would it be like syrup of figs.i hope your not feeling too bad.please keep in touch and let me know how your going.i take fibregel at the moment.it does help but i dont know if it makes my pain worse or not.best wishes.

  • Hi Torchy, I don't Know what's worse not being able to go or going too much, I am actually having a good day today, little bloated but only had 5 rush to the Loo which is good for me, I know it can get you down and yes always knackered,I think this is a bit of lack of food and sleep.

    I hope you are feeling a bit better today, keep your spirit up, and I hope things improve for you.

    Take care, and of course I will keep in touch

  • Hi blue.thanks for your message.i do understand what you mean i dont know how many times i will go cos i have to have fibregel.yes it is all knackering and it does get you down.ive bin bad with my back since i had my scan laying on that hard bed.its bin worse today n on top of my stomach n not sleeping much it makes you wonder what we go thru how we carry on.i hope youve had a good day.lovely to be in touch with each other.

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