No Antibiotics

I decided today to not take any Antibiots. I needed a day out free from the dreaded Loo, but tonight I had to resume the A and yes 20 mins and on the Loo. I just can't believe after all the research into friendly A I now know there isn't one, I give up, I will have to resign myself to having the Blinking D for the next 4 days, I don't even know why I am bothering. They can't be working. Sorry all just having a rant Fed up.😣

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  • So sorry blue. I know u are very well versed in all the medications but hav u tried Dr Udos Super8 when taking antibiotics (not afterwards). They are a powerful probiotic and when I had to take antibiotics they seemed to knock any symptoms of d of its ass. W

  • Never heard of it Will where can I buy this? & Thanks

  • Hi Blue most good pharmacies have them. They're usually kept in fridge. It's the dr udo's range ur looking for but the "super 8" is the one I found very good

  • Why do you take antibiotics ? They are for infections

    Have you tried the FODMAP diet it seem to work for a lot of people or tried eliminating food groups one at a time from your diet, such as dairy

  • Hi Cricket, I have a toothe infection so I am trying to take them, I have had IBS for years, so I now know what to eat and not, but Antibiotics will kick my IBS off . Fodmap diet isn't for me, as I can't eat a lot of things. But thanks anyway.

  • Oh - sorry I didn't realise and you hadn't said

    Also sorry about your diet

    There is lactose in a lot of tablet medications so that could be the reason for the attacks

  • That's ok Hun I should have said, yes the dreaded lactose, the Doctors and Dentist look at you as if your mad when you say sugar lactose free.

  • I try at my very best not to take antibiotics from the doctors and I always argue with them because my stomach side effect become worse than the initial problem. I take colloidal silver (natural antibiotic) depending on why you need the antibiotic it can also be treated naturally. I did a post of food poisoning and listed all he natural products. Taking lots of probiotics is a fantastic idea! Make sure it's free from all the allergens. I buy mine from iherb (use the link on my website for USD$10 off)

    Al the best

  • Thank you Franjanu will give it a try.

  • Have you tried Symprove - probiotics anyone? Do they help?

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