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Think doc is wrong

I should add a few notes...Easter weekend was THE WORST. Woke up good Friday morning and went 6 times before I even ate anything. Seems movement is what was setting it off. All I was doing was vacuuming! The 5th and 6th times I bled. This was all in about an hour or so. Same consistency throughout this whole ordeal...watery, yellow and pieces that looked fibrous almost veiney. You know when you get cleaned out for colonoscopy? Like that! But very very pungent odor. All vegetables came out same as they went in but with that weird fibrous coating on them. We're talking within hours of consuming them.

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SOunds to me like you should go to another doctor for a second opinion... Its been many months since Easter and if you had kept that up, I don't think your body would have kept going... You need to be insistent upon either a different doctor or a specialist.


At my very lowest point I was exactly like this...any walking would trigger a spasm which told my bowel I needed to "go" even though there was nothing left. I went to the doctor, having lost so much weight I told him I felt like I was slowly wasting away. Whilst on a waiting list for a GI appointment I started the FODMAP diet, following it strictly. Within about four weeks I started to notice an improvement. I then took probiotics alongside the diet, 12 weeks in and I have no symptoms...and this has been going on for years! I think I had a wheat intolerance and it was slowly eating away at the lining of my stomach. If you haven't tried FODMAP I suggest you consider it...along with good probiotics! Good luck.


I second the FODMAPS recommendation. It's worth trying - after identifying most of my triggers I'm probably 80% better with the occasional bad flare up. But it's not bad all the time now. I hope you find something that works and can get back to running - I think stress is a big contributor.


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