Have you tried food allergy testing?

Hi, I don't know if my post will be helpful as many of you may have already traveled this route, but here it goes... I suffered the ill effects of IBS from my pre-teen years up to my late twenties. At 29 I saw an allergists. As it turns out, I am allergic to peanuts, pecans, and bananas-foods I was eating almost daily! I have been IBS symptom free for a few years now. I am only sorry I did not see an allergist sooner and a little annoyed that I was not tested as a child, but there is nothing I can do about that..... I wanted to post this in the event that it may help.

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  • Thanks for sharing. Is this the same as food intolerance testing?


  • Hmm, I don't think so. When I had my testing, it was a skin test, followed up by a blood test. My allergist did explain to me that I may have sensitivities to other foods that I am not 'allergic' to, but he did not test me for those. The signs and symptoms can be the same, but the allergy actually causes an immune system reaction affecting multiple organs (you may not realize it at the time), whereas the sensitivity generally only affects the digestive system. I do want to throw out there that I am not a doctor and I definitely recommend seeing an allergist. Other than itchy skin for a very brief period of time, the test is painless.

  • Hi Melani, was this where they prick your skin and wait to see if theres a reaction. Im thinking about trying this however heard mixed reviews thats its not accurate and that some people have been advised to cut out a whole host of foods. However your experience is reassurring and i guess it cany hurt. Could you let me know who/where you visited?

  • Hi. Yes, it was the 'prick' test. After testing, the allergist put me on an elimination diet. Gradually, we reintroduced foods back into my diet-not the foods I tested positive too. This way, I was able to see what I still had a sensitivity to. It was a positive experience for me. I had never felt better than when I cut out the foods I was allergic to and went on the elimination diet.

  • I visited the Asthma and Allergy Institute in Mobile, AL.

  • I am glad you fond that out. I went to an allergist and she told me that over 90% of people tested do not show positive for food allergies and there is no really accurate test for food sensitivities. Blood allergy testing I found out is also flawed.

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