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So on the advice of a friend i arranged to see a chiropractor for my digestive issues. Wow was it painful. He focussed on the manipulation of my lower abdomen and muscles. By all accounts my abdominal muscles are in a constant state of spasm and may be the cause of some of my problems. He didnt touch my back. He warned that i might feel wiped out for the rest of the day however all i have is the urge to use the toilet. I hope this is normal! Has anyone else visited a chiro for your ibs issues?

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Not specifically for ibs... what I do know is: for all around good health, my chiro is extremely helpful. I have a feeling it will help you in the long run... feeling better means less anxiety...less anxiety means ibs generally pipes down quite a bit at times.


Thanks Betty. Im now back home and experiencing some abdominal pain in the places that he manipulated. Im hoping that its normal and doesnt last long as its making my anxiety worse!


oh dear. :( Well, are you allowed to take advil/Tylenol, etc??? to help relieve that pain. I know sometimes after a treatment, I hurt worse, but it goes away by the next day. Let me know! and you take care.



Thanks for the advice will keep this in mind


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