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ibs / cramp/heart burn/ gerd remedy found!!


I swear by this for all my stomach issues. I get it sent from Thailand online or people to bring it for me. It's super cheap and the best natural item out there. Containing only natural oils and herbs. Seriously any issues and take a sip. It seems to have worked for years and also to others who get stomach upset / food poisoning and so on !!


(Photo attached) it's called flying rabbit

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Many thanks for this info, my husband has bad indigestion at times and nothing seems to work very well so will try him on this.

Just found it on eBay if anybody else is looking to buy some.


cassie17 in reply to Hidden

hi,what did you look for on ebay?ive tried putting in flying rabbit but only getting rabbit items come up.lol,Thanks x

cassie17 in reply to cassie17

its ok,ive found it now,x

Franjanu in reply to cassie17

Oh dear haha! I just type in flying rabbit (the whole name of the item is) flying rabbit for diarrhea flatulence upset stomach 200ml. I snapshot a photo but it seems I can't attach it ....it's US$11 with free delivery I found

cassie17 in reply to Franjanu

Thanks Franjanu,ha ha ha,ive found it on ebay now,I put in flying rabbit then clicked on health and beauty search and it came up,at first all I was getting was rabbit medicine etc lol.

Franjanu in reply to cassie17

Ok that's great. I thought u found the other type rabbit for women! It really works. You'll feel a cooling sensation for 30 seconds after drinking

Now some people may have a hard time believing this, I know! But! I believe you. I have a good friend who's daughter is studying to be a pharmacist and she and her classmates are in Thailand for 4 months studying both chemical AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES... this is exciting to know that we FINALLY are giving alternatives a shot...not just those @#!!@# ding dong chemicals!

Good luck to you and thank you for sharing this! :)

What are the ingredients of this product?

Ollie2 in reply to MariaSt

Look up Thai-voyage.com

I tried to copy and paste but it won’t

Anyway you will find what your looking for here. Hope this helps

MariaSt in reply to Ollie2

Yes, I found it. Thank you.

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