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Opinions please

I had a relatively good day yesterday and because of that i decided to eat what i shouldnt. i havent had any specific food intolerances diagnosed however im eager to find out what you all think. Last night after dinner i ate two chocolate/coconut macaroons (gluten free) and some peanut M&M's. I felt ok last night and went to bed. However this morning im experiencing severe Nausea, extreme fatigue and loose stools. Do you think this is related to the dairy or perhaps the sugar? What tests would you recommend i undergo for the above? I really need to find out whats wrong with me, have a feelingi might need to leave work and work from home again this afternoon which i cant really afford to do. Any thoughts would be really appreciated. Thankyou.

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Hi again,

Have you done FODMAPs which will help you eliminate triggers?

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no i havent tried that yet, ive cut out wheat/gluten for the past 8 weeks but havent seen much of an improvement. I need to try dairy/lactose and see if that makes a difference. Is there an 'official' FODMAP list you could direct me to?



Probably your best bet is to download the official app from


It has a traffic light system which makes it easy to get info on specific foods - great if you're eating out.

You could also ask your GP for a referral to an NHS dietitian who should know about FODMAPs.

It's a tough regime for the first few weeks, but well worth doing. You start off by eliminating (in one go) all the foods that are known to cause probs, then you gradually reintroduce different groups.

Trying to pinpoint your triggers in the way you're doing may not be very helpful as it could be combinations of two or more groups.


Thankyou Rosie, i will take a look.


I second the FODMAPS diet - it really is worth trying. Also, is there fructose or corn products in the macaroons or the m&ms? Did you make the macaroons yourself? Gluten free products can be filled with stuff that bugs folks with IBS. And anything premade can have additives and all sorts of stuff that can bug us.


Caused by nuts not choc


Monash app is brilliant do try it using only green light foods for at least 4-6 weeks then add back in foods by type if you want to. Also go lactose free. It's a long process but well worth it


The macaroons you ate will probably have had no dairy in as I can eat them

However nuts can be bad for a sensitive gut

I don't think that intolerance tests give definitive answersit's probably best if you try you own intolerance tests by eliminating food groups

You've tried gluten and that hasn't relieved the symptoms - try completely dairy free for at least 2/3 weeks keeping a diary of eating and bowel movements to be able to see any changes

You can try Alpro soya milk (there are other flavours too) and Pure spread (either soya or vegetable oil) absolutely no cheese



could be but nuts and coconut can cause this. was there artifical sugars in either.

suggest some imodium if you still have the "D".pleanty of water too.

it could be something you eat earlier that day.




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