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Natural laxatives

Hi just thought I'd let you all with IBS-C, know that I have been using a natural laxative named Colon Max, which I purchase from Advanced Naturals. Over the years I have tried many laxatives both prescription and over the counter, but have found this product very good. I do not get any griping pain. It contains Magnesium, Marshmallow, Slippery Elm, Cape Aloe, Rhubarb and Triphala. It comes in capsule form, and I now open them up and find that half of the powder is plenty to make my bowels work the next day. We are all different but I take my dose about 3pm and go to the toilet after breakfast the next day. I would recommend that you don't have to go out the next day until you have found the correct dose that works for you. I hope this this helps some of you find relief.

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Thanks for the tip! Those with IBS-C should really try this. All of those natural ingredients and extremely healing to the intestines, too.

Plus, we do NOT grow 'dependent' upon those ingredients, which is a very good thing, and you can take it as often as you need to. Thanks again!


I have a problem every morning I go to the toilet maybe 4 or 5 times but stil cannot completely empty my bowels, so for the rest of the day I feel very uncomfortable. I have tried various things but cannot seem to ease the situation do you think colon max would help or any other advice or help please



Hi Cagegreen, I do also have incomplete evacuation problem, and I know that most laxatives do not always clear the system, bloating is so uncomfortable. Since starting with the Colon Max, I have been following the FODMAP elimination diet, plus avoiding gluten, but I made the mistake of starting the antidepressant Amitriptyline at the same time, making me have the constipation, that is hard to pass stools ( can't win! ).

Strange thing is I do feel clear after taking the product at the moment, and have decided to gradually come off the antidepressant. I would not like to advise the Colon Max will work for you, as it is expensive, but it could be worth a try. I am sorry I can't be more helpful. If you do try it please let me know how you get on.

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This sounds interesting but just realised it is in America and not sure if we can get it in the UK :/

Interested that it contains Magnesium though as I have started taking supplements of this as many of us are short of it and I do find some benefits of that alone.

I have also just started on FODMAP, let us know how things go for you please and good luck !. x


Hi Di-Mc, the Advanced Naturals where I purchased the Colon Max are based in UK, and can be found on line. One thing I did not think about when I wrote the first post is that I am under the guidance of a Nutritionist, who has an account with this supplier, may be only practioners are allowed to place orders, if so I am sorry that it is not straight forward ordering from them. Hope FODMAP diet helps you, I'll keep you posted on how things go.

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Thanks bigbunbun3.......I am hoping to get referred to a dietician to help with FODMAP so appreciate your info as I can ask them about Colon Max then. It did look like it may only be available through practitioners.

Will look forward to hearing how it goes and really hope it carries on working for you !!!!


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