I know I B S is difficult but my own research is for this test

After many years of being afraid of going out looking and planing where the nearest toilet is, being told my bowels are healthy so why am I unable to control them, I tried every thing I was told to look for foods that trigger my I B S I did this, but found only one thing that did this fat in foods , but eating salads my body found it hard to break down, it was like it passed through the body without being digested, after many trips to doctors, specialist , dietician, nothing changed, to get by I would take co-dine . Imodium ,but the day after I would be on off the toilet all day and cramps, I felt life was not worth living, I was bought tickets to go to see a show but I knew I could not make the journey or sit and see the show, after this I did my own research, I read about B A M , bile acid malabsorption , when the body creates to much acid and is not absorbed by the digestive system , hence causing cramps and diarrhoea, this is where eating fat in foods make it worse, so when I found colestyramine I thought I found a cure, in a sense I did but it was finding the right doesage , for me it was half a packet a day, but drinking this everyday was not pleasant, but it allowed me to go out I was constipated so from running to the toilet I was trying to go to get fid of feeling uncomfortable, I needed to find something that I could tolerate , I made massive changes to my diet I look at why Mediterranean people don't seem to suffer from I B S , I changed my diet to a Mediterranean diet and the results started to improve my I B S over several weeks, but fat in food was an issue, so I had to limit that , I then found colesevelam a tablet that reduces cholesterol as well as bile acid malabsorption this is what is now making my life 95% better , my conference has gone from nothing to yes am getting my life back, SO PLEASE ask your doctor for BAM test, if this is what is causing you I B S this is the perfect treatment, if it comes in a box ( ready meal) don't eat it only eat what is fresh what I call foods from the 50s and 60s I enjoy my new foods and feeling better for it, I spend 15 years like a prisoner now am breaking free, I hope this might help many people find what I found to allow them to have there life back, am not a doctor, but my doctors could not cure me I had to do this myself and convince them that I needed colesevelam and massive diet change,

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  • Hi Nomae, I'm so glad 😁 you found an apparent answer to your problem and that your quality of life is improving. Maybe this will help some people who have come to a dead end. Good luck, 🍀 and continue to take care of yourself, Nessie 237

  • Thankyou I only want to help anyone who suffers from what I have bile acid malabsorption part of the I B S. Syndrome , this medicine colesevelam has made my life normal again I can get up in the morning and not worry about going out anymore, just hope I can give this help and information to anyone who needs the advice I have found to change there life

  • That is great and I'm sure reading your post will give people something to consider as diagnosis and treatment. Nessie 237

  • Thankyou 🤗

  • So glad that your symptoms are under control

    I don't think that IBS is ever 'cured' the symptoms can only be managed

    My symptoms are under control with a dairy free diet, only certain fruits and only white bread

  • Yes maybe not cured, depends on what causes your I B S, if yours is caused by bile acid malabsorption then colesevelam will give you back your life, not many doctors know of this here, I had to research this, I have been on this for a while now, and am not looking for every toilet anymore, that is a massive difference to the life I was living before this, I hope you can find the thing that can give you that confidence 😊

  • Thank you for sharing this . Like you I have exactly same symptoms . If I know I am going out I take two IMODIUM OR LOPERAMIDE . Good luck .

  • Talk to your doctor colesevelam is the best medication it absorbs the bile acid, it's changed my life,

  • WOW !!!!!!

    I have just been in hospital with that I thoght was having my gallblader out but its turned out that my stomach is making too much acid ! bim given ranitidine.

    I am like you have to no were loo is and have bin like this since 1982 !

    I will have to check-out that should have known realy alwaz had massive gastric reflux.

    despite not being allowed to eat for 4 hours before scan- I had a massive acid reflux on way to hopital and it even came down my nose-thought i was gonna die !

    Bless You !

  • I dont think doctors want us to know about this-they are with the big drug companies; so, want us to be on immodium etc-its big money and; GPs get a share in it too !

    Theres lots we dont know about eg stuff people use for aurthoritis- there is a natural remedy and one thing is APPLES !


  • Colesevelam is used for to much acid I had my gallbladder out due to reflux but after having this the acid was produced more by the liver this is not absorbed colesevelam will stop your reflux also trust me it stopped my diarrhoea least with knowing we great to much acid it can be treated with this drug, Imodium not the answer, I hope you manage to sort out your ailment

  • Excellent news and yes, we do have to carry out a lot of research ourselves. I'm pretty sure I haven't got the same as it's extremely rare for me to have an issue and that I have to find a toilet. I am, at present, following a low fibre diet as I recently had a Colonoscopy and the low fibre I followed 3 days before made me feel so much better - I find it difficult because I adore fruit, vegetables, nuts, beans and seeds etc. Am going to follow for a month and slowly introduce fibre back in to my diet. A friend of mind followed a low fibre junk food diet (I don't like a lot of junk food) for a month years ago and has never had another IBS attack since.

    Best of luck with you and long may it continue :)

  • Thanks you could try pinto beans they digest slowly,

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