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Clear out laxatives

Hi, I have IBS-C and try to avoid taking too many laxatives, I am finding the normal over the counter ones are not removing much of the impacted stool, therefore need a product to clear my system ( feeling sooooo bloated at the moment). I will probably have to have a prescription for this, before I visit my GP can any one recommend one of these bowel cleansers that is suitable for the FODMAP diet, as I believe some contain ingredients best avoided.

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Col clear and probio from healyourgut.co.uk 


Hi, I've just copied and pasted this for you, it's what I use 😊

Psyllium husk

Psyllium seed husks have been growing in popularity as a great natural source of fiber. Also known as ispaghula, isabgol, or psyllium, they are the husk or covering of the seeds of a plant that is native of India. They absorb water to expand and become thick and gluey. Ayurveda recommends its use for colon cleansing/ bowel regulation as well as for better blood circulation.

Psyllium seed husk are indigestible and are a source of soluble dietary fiber. They are used to relieve constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and diarrhea. They are also used as a regular dietary supplement to improve and maintain a healthy and clean digestive tract. The inert bulk of the husks helps provide a constant volume of solid material that helps in bowel movement. Some recent research is also showing them to be promising in lowering cholesterol and controlling diabetes.

The husks are used whole in their natural state, or dried and chopped or powdered for easier consumption. In either of these forms, one takes them by mixing them with water or another fluid. You will also find them in capsules, or powder form. Food products, such as breakfast cereals and baked goods, may also contain psyllium. 

When preparing psyllium seed husks, a typical dose is one to three teaspoons per glass of water. If you are taking psyllium for the first time, make sure you start by taking it just once a day and gradually increasing the frequency if necessary.

Source: wikipedia.org

Hope this helps


Were do you get them please 



  I wonder if could help me , I have been taking Lepicol Extra for about 3months I was over the moon "because it worked" I was one happy bunny , but now it's stopped back to constipation I'm still taking the Lepicol ,should I continue to take it or stop ,"please can you advise" p s I have IBS  D  and C I alternate  many thanks Sunnycot 


Hi, it's in a loose form, I buy it from my health foods shop, it's cheaper in the packets if they have them, but they do them in tubs as well but are a lot more expensive. Two teaspoons in orange or apple juice stir and and drink as it gels quickly, it doesn't taste of anything. You can also buy it from eBay cheaply, it weighs very little so you get a lot for your money. ebay.co.uk/itm/Psyllium-Hus...


Drink heaps of water , as you can become more constipated, also it can reduce the effects of any medication you maybe on , i know this thru experiance


Psyllium husks are not good for everyone, so be aware of that! They are horrendous for me, as they are like eating more fibre and too much fibre makes my IBS unbearable. In some case, they can even make impaction worse. 


I take Lactulose and find that works also apricots


Hi, there's a great book called IBS solutions which I read about on this site. It's written by a Consultant. There's a section which deals with your problem and explains all the different effects of laxitives. It costs £10.99 off Amazon but your local library might have it.

Best wishes


Hi Amabile, also thank you for your reply. I do have that book, and yesterday  was having a look, he did recommend a few different different one's but I'm not sure which would be best with the FODMAP diet, as all of them would probably "clear my system" but putting more FODMAPS in would start the whole cycle again of my bowel not wanting to work, a very strange state of affairs I know 😃


Hi bigbunbun and all.

Firstly be careful what you choose to take to relieve things as if an acute problem then some laxatives could make it worse for you.

Psyllium husk as mentioned by Lolalala may not be strong enough or the right thing to take for you at the moment.  Lepicol is psyllium husk and you need to drink a lot!!!! of water at the same time and yes you need to start slowly with it too.

Lepicol has made a lot of difference to me, I think it 'normalises' the gut peristalsis and when taken daily can have a positive affect on the muscle contractions and so helps food move consistently and smoothly along the digestive tract.  Something that can help both ibsc and ibsd.

Since taking Lepicol I have found that I can include some of the foods not in the low fodmap diet.  Also more fruit and veg that again helps constipation.

But please speak to your doctor before taking as it might not be for you at this time until things are 'moving' again.

In my experience, then ibs is a condition that is multi-factorial, and this is of course different for individuals and also changes over time.  What helps one month will not help 2 months down the line etc.  Us sufferers put up with so much but there can be light at the end of the tunnel just don't put all your hopes on one 'cure'.

Good luck and hope that you find some comfort soon.

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Hi again Penelope I hope my unfinished post was sent! I was just about to say I'm pleased you have found Lepicol helpful. I'v posted a lot on here recently so I'd better give every one a rest now !!


Hi Penelope2

I take Lepecol Extra, as the normal one didn't  work so good  and I must say it worked fine for about 3months  but it's doing nothing for me now ,and I don't know what to do ? Continue taking it hoping it will work again or look around for something else ,any suggestions I am in so much discomfort at the moment with constipation ,as you say it can work fine for a couple of months ,then it doesn't work any more hope you can help , many thanks 



Hi Sunnycot, sorry to hear that the Lepicol Extra has stopped working.

Not sure but I think the difference between Lepicol Extra and Lepicol in green container is the Extra contains also digestive enzymes.

Like I said I suffer with ibsc and ibsd and for me the Lepicol seems to 'normalise' peristalsis.  Are you drinking enough water when you take it?  Also I introduced foods like broccoli, wholemeal bread and pasta, and upped my intake of fruits which I had not eaten before as they did not agree with me before ie. I used to stick to the FODMAP diet, avoid dairy and all wheat.  When Lepicol was helping eating a relatively 'normal' diet.  But still when I overeat or eat lots of junk food especially sugary and fatty foods then I really suffer after.  Need to stress that food quality is important avoid processed foods.  I once went 2 months only eating food that was prepared at home and not out of a packet.  That was hard spending so much time cooking.

IBS is a really awful condition to suffer with and over many years I have tried many things. 

Private stool tests that detected parasites - NHS tests are not sensitive enough


All the usual otc products, I still always carry immodium with me

the FODMAP diet

Had private food sensitivity tests done - dairy and wheat was the worst offenders but things change and I can tolerate small amounts now.

Kept very comprehensive food diarys to try and pinpoint exactly what was upsetting me by avoidance and also challenging digestion


High quality supplements including probiotics, digestive enzymes, multivitamins and minerals and omega 3 fish oils.

Read countless books and also studied nutrition looking for a solution

Taken Symprove for several months

Despite all the above I found there wasn't one thing that stood out and really helped.  IBS for me constantly changes, it is multi-factorial, what I eat and drink, stress and sleep, anxiety about having to do things etc which is really what life is all about.  What I have realised though is that the more I stress and worry about how my digestion is on any particular day, maybe travelling, letting someone down who does not know how things are for me etc. then the worse I am!!!!

Taking laxatives all the time as too taking immodium, I think sort of desensitises the gut which is why I try to eat fruit and veg more.

Sorry Sunnycot that I have not been specific, but we are all different, things change and that means our bodies change, life happens.

One last thing, herbal teas like chamomile, peppermint and valerian are great, so too is just warm water, all soothing for the gut, and you can get stomach soothing teas too that contain several herbs and spices.  Try eating a small amount of liquorice every day.  Avoid legumes, beans and lentils as these cause gas.  It might be worth sticking to the FODMAP diet for a month or so.  When I have been really uncomfortable then Rennies have helped with gas.  

Very best wishes to you and I hope that you are feeling better soon.



Chamomile is a big no-no if you're on the FODMAP diet.  Very high in FODMAPs.  I wish it were not so, because I always loved chamomile tea and tincture, but if you check the FODMAP sites, you'll see that chamomile is high in FODMAPs and the only teas regularly recommended for those of us on the FODMAP diet are peppermint, green and black teas.


Hi I dont normally post .just look and learn .but my ibs has been horrendousLast few months .I get constipated too the extent of physically haveing to forse things out .if you know what I mean. I have horrible hemorrhoids now which bleed badly .I am too embarrassed to go to gp . I am on movicol and the uusual .butbhave just bought the husks .hoping these work . Sorry for jumping on your post .but im at the end of my tether .hence my nickname sofedup x barbara im 52 had ibs for 15 years


Hi sofedup, I to have had the constipation many years and now in my middle fifties. I am sorry to hear you suffer with haemorrhoids, I fortunately do not have that to deal with, as my problem is my bowel does just not want to work therefore I only pass a small amount of stool everyday with no feeling of having to strain. I had my appointment with my GP today, she examined my tummy and suggested I try Laxido, she reccomended I take laxatives on a regular basis from now on so I don't get so impacted, I'm not to keen on that but I think I will see how things go with this product.

I hope you decide to visit your GP, I recently changed mine ( the previous one made me feel worse) and she was very understanding and asked me to return to see how I was getting with the Laxido.

Hope you feel better soon x


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