Hemorrhoids ?

Sorry guys I'm bout to get personal to any of you have internal hemorrhoids ? At the beginning of December I had awful itching and burning around my anus and also feels like kind of something scraping whenever I have a bowel movement . I have had a little bright red blood on my stool and on the toilet paper . I have already been to my primary they seem to think my symptoms are not too concerning . I was told to use suppositories for the next two weeks and we would go from there. But now I'm thinking about making up an appointment with the G.I. specialist . Just wondering if anybody can offer me some advice on what they feel like because my health anxiety is playing into this . Starting to get me down I start to cry because of it I just want to know if anyone else has this feeling that I do . Thanks everyone 😞

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  • I haven't been diagnosed with them, but I had some similar symptoms I brought up to my gastro doctor and she wasn't concerned. It's worth getting checked out, but try not to worry yourself in the meantime. Hard to do, but extra stress doesn't help things.

  • Thanks ! My doctor didn't seem really concerned but I'm uncomfortable.

  • JoMarie5, greetings. It is always wise to seek out the doctor who corresponds with the ailment, especially ,if it can eliminate anxiety. Never apologize for self care. The Gastroenterologist can talk to you about what you are experiencing, and offer suggestions as well as a colonoscopy, which is no big deal. Don't waste your time worrying. Come exam date, you will be sedated. You won't remember or feel anything. Afterward, your doc will tell you his/her findings and give you a plan of action. If you are 50, you aught to get a baseline for good health management in the 21st C. regardless. Any biopsy will be sent to a lab and in a couple of weeks you will have that information as well. In health care, it is almost always right to err on caution rather than suffer the consequences of neglect. Sallie forth and be well..., Blessings...

  • Thanks for your response. I scheduled an appointment with my G.I. Doctor today. I am 29 years old . I have had some other issues but based on symptoms and my age she didn't think I needed a colonoscopy in the past . I know I have had issues with hemorrhoids but not like this 😖 Ouch ! I really was looking to get everyone input on their symptoms or experience.

  • Hi JoMarie5,

    I also get a similar problem . I have had banding done with no success. There is a new treatment now which uses electricity and is apparently painless . Not sure what it is called but in the UK it is only available privately from specific clinics.

    I have not tried this and have found much relief from Alum ( Potassium Aluminium Sulphate). You buy the Alum crystals, dilute in hot water , about 1 part to 5 parts water. Dab the area after a BM with a wet cotton ball soaked in the mixture . You can also bathe in a more diluted form of this mixture. Personally I have found that the Hemorrhoid shrinks and the bleeding stops. I use it regularly to prevent the problem.

    I have tried almost every ointment etc available and this mixture works better than any of them .

    Worth a Try.


  • Thanks ! I also feel some sort of throbbing sometimes. 😖

  • Hemorrhoids give all sorts of uncomfortable feelings and are probably quite a common problem with IBS. Red blood usually Hemorrhoids but no harm in getting it checked out if you feel in any doubt.

    Both hot Baths to improve blood flow and then ice are also good for relief. Keep in mind that they tend to come and go. Some people who have had surgery have them return so personally , having had the banding treatment fail, I have decided to try and deal with the situation myself. Not keen on anyone cutting things up there !!

    Hope things improve soon.


  • Thanks so much for your support. I hope it improves as well . But good to know the way I'm feeling is not uncommon 🙂

  • Hi, Please try not worry....firstly def go and see your GP again if you feel the suppositories are not working. I have had an external pile and it was very itchy painful and what seemed like a lot of blood also.It healed up using a over the counter cream I got in my pharmacy. A resent colonoscopy has revealed I have internal fissures which are so painful like sharp stabbing pain it brings me to tears when the open. Please don't lose hope keep on asking to be properly checked to rule out all the nasty stuff. Good luck xx

  • That's how it kinda feels like some sort of tearing sensation . It's like I tense up when using the restroom. I feel like suppositories do work it's just how long do I have to use them and when is this going to stop . It has me at my wits end 😫

  • Hi the medication should shrink them and if it dont work there is a shotr and simple opp.

    I am sure everything will turn out just fine

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