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Blood In Stool

So I'm 13 and a girl, I get blood on the toilet paper after I wipe kinda often.. It's not usually much. But it only happens if I don't drink enough water. It never happens when I'm drinking a lot of water and eating vegetables. I already asked my mom (who has a PHD in nursing) and she said it was just constipation. It also only happens if I have to kinda force it out. Is this normal?

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From what you describe this does sound right, having to force it can make little cuts/tears that will bleed a little - I get this from time to time. It's good that you're getting advice and asking the right questions. Try and keep up the good diet with the vegetables and plenty of fluids and see if it settles down, you can always go to the GP too if you still have questions.

Best of luck!


Sounds like mum's right and vegetables have fibre which is really helpful, apart from the good nutrients. I hate to say to a teenager "listen to mum" but its good advice :)


I'm sure you have already had it suggested but you could have piles. Do you often have to force it out? If so they could bleed when the stool is not soft enough. Plenty of fluid is always a good thing. We don't drink enough as a nation so keep drinking. (Water I mean. Haha)


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