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I have been doing the fodmap diet for a week and it's working but now I get very constipated.I took two maximum dose of senokot nothing I took 2 dulcolax tabs 10mg nothing I also take laxido satchets 3 a day still nothing.In desperation I am using glycerine suppositories every other day and that works. Not sure I should be using so many suppositories has any one out there had the same.

Thanks in advance for your ideas x

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  • I would speak to your GP.

  • Yes I had the same when I first started Fodmaps it will probably even out after a few weeks. In the meantime using suppositories is much kinder on your digestive system than throwing endless tablets down your throat.


    Yes,i agree see your GP. Have you increased your water intake?

    Probably need more. I find tea gets my system moving.Also walking helps with constipation.



  • Hi their, while on the FODMAP DIET you should drink lots of water. And a cup of peppermint tea before you go to bed. Hope this helps

  • Hi

    Thank you all for your comments.I had a colonoscopy abou 8 months ago and was told I had IBS.After that you get no more help.They seem to think if it is not cancer there is nothing else they can do. Thank you sash I will persevere with the fodmap diet and see if things improve.I will drink more water as suggested .

    Happy days but thank you all.

  • Fennel tea and a heating pad.

  • There's new information about the FODMAP diet - there have been some changes, so check out the latest on the MONASH University site - and get their APP if you can (it's cheap), for example, Camomile tea is now thought to be a FODMAP.

  • Thanks Sheila yes I have got there app and it's very good.

    Will try camomile tea but don't like it a lot.Any thing is worth a try though.

  • Also on Fodmap try to take your full amount of fruit - pineapple orange...and veg green beans root veg.....

  • Hi didn't know you could eat oranges but eat loads of bread.

    Thanks for replying

  • Sorry don't know what made me say loads of bread!!

    I am eating gluten free and lactose free at the moment

    Thanks for that

  • Hi

    I use suppositories most days and the consultants know this and have been ok with it, like someone else said, they are less harmful than oral medications, although I need those daily too !

  • Hi thanks for replying will continue suppositories then when I need them.That has put my mind at rest.Its nice to know that I am not alone.

    Thank you every one

  • Hi All the advice uou have is good you must drink plenty and also exercise

    is also very important to get things moving along.

  • Thanks for advice I will drink more water and see how I go.

  • Herbal drinks are good if you can't face drinking just plain water. I was advised to cut down on Tea so now have Fennel, Lemon /Ginger or Peppermint

  • Hi, try soaking golden Linseeds in boiling water before drinking/ eating then follow that with at least half a pint of warm water. It works and it's full of omega 3. Good luck with the Fodmap, it's made a big difference to my life.


  • Hi

    Thanks for hat floss I didn't know you could eat linseed can you only eat the golden.I am new to this have only been doing it for a week but I am learning.

  • I use a heaped tablespoonful of ground linseed in my cereal every morning and make sure I drink 2 litres of water every day and have no problems with constipation on the Low Fodmap diet.

  • Hi I will try that and see how I get on.Thanks

  • Hi, no brown are ok as well, can't see any difference myself except the golden look nicer. The brown ones are usually cheaper! The dietician I saw suggested them and they feature on most low Fodmap diet sheets that I've seen. Good luck, if you try it let us know how you got on!


  • Thank you so much will give it a go.Will let you know how I get on but it is early days for me I think


  • Sorry for misunderstanding - I meant that you should NOT have camomile tea - a dietician told me 2 weeks ago that it was a FODMAP.

  • Hi AfricanSheila

    I'm thinking of trying FODMAP too.....I like Fennel Tea....Lemon & Ginger....Peppermint.......are they all ok ?

    I don't fully understand the FODMAP diet, does it work for IBSc and IBSd ?

    I have IBS and get very constipated so only want to do what is going to help that.

    I realise that we all have different triggers and am getting to know which are definite No No's for me.

    Goodluck to both you and to Chocolate41

  • That's good don't like it anyway.Am drinking herbal teas I take it they are ok but I guess it's trial and error with a lot of foods.

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