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IBS Diverticulitis- diarrhoea on omaprozole? And esomeprazole, anyone else get this??

I have been suffering with heartburn and reflux so my GP gave me omaprazole but as soon as I ate I had diarrhoea! Went back to GP yesterday and they gave me esomeprazole, took one tablet yesterday morning and as soon as I are I have diarrhoea and again when I ate my evening meal! This is then triggering my Cfs/Fibromyalgia so I end up in bed a I cannot get up and down the stairs! So fed up with having diarrhoea, even before trying these meds. My tummy is so bloated 😢. Any suggestions would be great.

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Google Mickel therapy and watch video. I'm wondering if there is a link with ibs. Would love to know your thoughts.

Hope you find relief.


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