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Anal itching and swelling

Pl anybody tell me what to do if we get anal itching and swelling after long tour/continuse travel.Recently I went to coimbatore from chennai one night travel reached coimbatore next morning and that day night itself i travelled back to chennai and reached next day morning.I did the same thing so many times.But this time after 2 days some discomfort in my anus part and it developed as itching and swelling also between anus and vagina.Though i consulted doctor and took medicines for the past 10 days it is not fully cured till date.Iam afraid that it may happen for every travel hereafter? Is there any home remedy for this.Dr also told me itching will go away automatically but still it is there.Pl answer/suggest me.


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Possible to pick up parasites or worms which can cause these symptoms. What did doctor treat you for was it just for soreness/itchiness or for parasites. Find out and if necessary get tests done and further more precise treatment as necessary


I actually suffered for years with this. Doctor said it was pruritus ani and gave me a few things to try but nothing worked. This condition took over my life and it only got worse, so take it from me…Pranicure ointment (can get online) is the ONLY thing that's effective for this terrible thing!


Thank u very much mam.


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