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Ibs wtf?

I'm very new to this I'm not 100 percent sure I have IBS I seem to have all the symptoms. I've only been tested for H pilori which was negative. For the past few months I've had a knawing sick pain in my stomach. I usually can't eat because my stomach feel so full and bloated that I can barely get food into my stomach and even if I do I throw up shortly after. I'm tired all the time I feel malnourished and I'm losing weight fast. I don't have insurance and I don't have much money so I don't want to waste my time going to the doctor there's ways I can't rid it myself. The last two days I've been consuming a few jars of baby food and been drinking Pedialyte. I still feel icky but I'm not throwing up as bad I still feel like I can't eat solid food and there's still a lot of swollen parts of my stomach. The worst part for me is I already suffer with severe anxiety and ptsd which I've been trying to get help with for years now. Everytime I get these stomach pains I literally feel like I'm rotting away and I'm dying I think about suicide all the time that's how I want to end the pain because I know that it's going to be a lifelong thing and that depresses the hell out of me. I only have my boyy friend and he's getting tired of see me like this I never get to see anyone or do anything I can't leave my home. I wish I can find someone to at least come and check on me my boyfriend's gone a lot and I'm always alone. Anybody give me some encouraging words so I'll make it through another day of not wanting to die I just wish I had a support system. I'm supposed to move into a new apartment today and I can't even get off the couch I don't know what I'm going to do. I never thought I would go through this I thought maybe high blood pressure heart disease dementia but constant horrible stomach pains robs you of your life turns you into a real nasty person to be around and makes your anxiety levels ten times worse. Also after I vomit I start convulsing violently for about 5 minutes almost like I'm having a seizure I can't control and my teeth won't stop chattering anyways think I've been depressing enough hope to hear from someone. I feel for all of you but have to go through this this is horrible and I wish there was a cure I feel for all of you and I pray that you can find some relief and comfort

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I am so sorry that you can't go to a dr... don't you even have a hospital in your area where they take you and you pay according to income??

It could be that you have a very bad case of the flu.... but you have SO much anxiety wrapped into all of this...

You NEED to go to a dr.... I don't care who you have to talk to or ask for help...there is ALWAYS some kind of help available.... Please do this for yourself. Go to the nearest Social Services office and ask for some kind of direction as to what you can do.


Ibs doesn't usually involve throwing up...you really need to see a doctor, it could be your appendix playing up....


I am not medically training so don't take my word for this but if you have anxiety and ptsd (both of which I also suffer from), you might have a stomach ulcer? The seizure stuff though if way more serious - know you said you can't afford to go to the doctor but that really needs to be investigated. There's lots you can do to helpp with anxiety that doesnt involve taking tablets which can save money but you must seek help by a trained professional if you're convulsing.


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