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unexplained pain/swelling

My wife has suffered with abdomen pain and severe bloating with no urinary problems or diarrhoea/bowel issues for around 6 months.

After 3 xrays, 3 ultrasounds, 7 blood tests and up to 10 urinary tests Local GP's, nurses, Doctors and Consultants at hospital/surgeries have literally no answer giving her a full and complete bill of health.

The symptoms are now becoming more frequent and day to day is becoming frustrating and unbearable for her.

She has no food allergies and there is categorically no link to food or drink which trigger her symptoms

The symptoms begin with: (pain rating from 10 the worst ever experienced - 1 normal pain free life)

1.Very slight dizzy light headed (floaty) sensation

2. Dull ache right across the lower abdomen

3.Tired, energy less / fatigue

4.lower abdomen swelling (approximately 2-4inches outwards) with dull ache stretching across entire abdomen

5.More intense ache from lower abdomen right the way across and from top of stomach to pelvis, pain ranging from 9-6 (compared to the feeling of a contraction) referred to as waves of pain by her

6.Continuous ache every day ranging from 3-5 which is now been happening for 5-6 months.

Swelling does go down at any given time and will return with all the listed symptoms in that exact order every time.

We are at a complete loss and need professional advice and a more thorough service other than what she has received at hospital and local GP surgery.


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Hi not sure whether this is the same but I suffer with many of the same symptoms and have been diagnosed with diverticulitis, although I also have ibs. ..my tummy bloats to painful state and I can't bear to do anything, toilet is painful action

sorry but cannot say which of my symptoms relate to which diagnosis but worth looking up

good luck


I have gone low carb and found this has helped my bloating a lot. x


Has your wife had a gastroscopy and and endoscopy because these will help to know if there is anything going on in her stomach and bowel


This sounds very similar to my symptoms. I have IBS and certain types of foods (greasy, spicey, etc), or amount I eat will cause bowel discomfort, however as you mention this pain, aching and bloating can happen at any time. I have just signed up with a new GP so I can be referred to specialists to investigate further,as like your wife all tests/scans have come back fine so far, but I have not yet had any bowel specific investigation which I am hoping will give some answers. I'm also trying the low fodmap diet to see if this helps the bloating/pain, but I think it is too early to tell yet.

As for advice, I don't know if trying another doctor and being very specific about where you want to be referred to? Or trying to go private (no idea how much this would cost though - but it's something I've thought about!)

Hope she gets the right help soon and starts to feel better!


This sounds very much like ileo caecal valve syndrome. As your wife has had several negative tests it's worth having a look at this. Please message me if you wish further information



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