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red popcorn flake like piece in stool

Hi please help me. I suffer from severe anxiety that's debilitating. I'm 19 and female and very healthy with no family history of any disease except diabetes (which I am negative for). Okay. So I had a normal colored solid BM and I noticed a red flake in the stool. I picked it out and smeared in on a tissue paper. It didn't stain at all and it was hard like plastic. Like the flakes that get stuck in your teeth when you eat popcorn. I tried washing it with water and it stayed solid. What could this be? Can blood in stool be solid like plastic? I did eat a ton of tomatoes two nights ago and a lot of red kimchi yesterday morning. Thanks for your help.

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It is probably something that you ate. Could be something in your food that you didn't even notice, part of a food wrapper or something like that. Blood in your stool is not solid and plastic like and you wouldn't be able to to pick it out of the stool and wash it, the blood would smear when touched. I would recommend that you see your doc about your anxiety and if not already look at some form of counselling and medication to help you.


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