Hi I have a colonoscopy on Tuesday do have been given Picolax to take in monday I am so anxious about taking it, could abyone who has had to take it please share there experience some people say it's absolutely awful others say it's not as bad as they thought, im actually more anxious about the prep than I am about having the colonoscopy. Is the prep awful? So scared.

Thankyou in advance xx

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  • I had a Colonoscopy two weeks ago. The Picolax is not too bad to take but you must stay near a toilet all day. The need to go comes over you very quickly. The actual procedure is very civilized, I said to the staff I am nervous, and they give you something to calm you down so you don't remember much of it at all.

    Best wishes to you for the day and the future. Stay strong.


  • Thankyou so much for th reassurance xx

  • There is nothing to be scAred about. Just mJe sure you are near a loo when you are taking it and ensure you take exactly as told. You will have diarrhoea as it has to come rely clear you out in order for the colonoscopy to be done . There is also nothing to worry about with the colonoscopy either. It may be a bit embarrassing but that is all and just remember that the staff will be ver king and do this every day so they will understand how you feel and reassure you . Good luck

  • Thankyou so much for the reassurance, just hear horror stores about the Picolax abs ur made me panic lol. Thankyou x

  • Horror stories* sorry my phone has a mind of its own lol x

  • Make sure you drink lots of clear fluid and have sudocream to hand.

  • It doesn't taste too great, and for me u didn't get the desired side effect until the second dose. But when it did take effect it certainly cleared me out.

    One good thing was I didn't feel sick from it, just needed to go to the loo. So its not like diarrhoea when you feel rough too.

    It is something you need to be by a loo for the entire day when it starts you'll be there a good few times.

    Good luck for your procedure, it's not that bad. The docs and nurses have seen it all before a million times. So try to relax. Xx

  • Did you feel like you were constamtly on the toilet or is there little breaks? I just worry because I have a 3 year old to look after and have no one to help me out that days as everyone is at work with it being on a Monday x

  • Hey! So sorry to reply! Hope you can help! I've just taken my second batch of picolax and.... Nothing!

    Can you remember how long it took to 'get going'

    I'm a worrier as it is and worried now as I have my colonoscopy tomorrow and concerned I'll not be 'clear' enough for the procedure :( feeling very fed up!

  • I've had several colonoscopies in the past and can tell you there's nothing to worry about, apart from as others have said you will need to stay at home once you take the picolax as you will need to be near a toilet. I try to think positively about it and feel that at least my system will have had a good clean out. I usually find that because of this I feel really well for a few days after the procedure.

  • Yes my friend said the same to think of it like a detox lol. I suffer with constipation quite badly so in a way suppose It will be good for me, how long does the laxative last for roughly? I have to take one sachet at 2pm and then another at 6pm!! X

  • I can't remember the laxative working on the day of my colonoscopy, so was ok by then.

  • I found it awful to be perfectly honest because when you think

    its over, its not. I believe you are allow certain things to eat or drink but

    I would drink but not eat, if I had to take it again. Whatever you do, do not leave the house. The test itself I found to be no problem at all as the

    staff are very sensitive about your feelings. Good luck.

  • Hi Gemz19.

    I did this last week. Picolax certainly did the trick. It took about 5 hours to properly get going, then after some normal BMs it really kicked in. My suggestion is that you stay very near the loo and go to sit there at the slightest hint of activity. Don't let go till you are safely ready.

    Have loads of paper handy and wet wipes too if you use those. Get in extra supplies. You can always use the rest when you are back to normal. Have a toilet brush and maybe air freshener handy.

    It might just take a second or two to empty the whole contents of the rectum which will be mainly liquid.. This will start messy then get clearer and clearer throughout the day if you follow instructions and drink plenty of clear liquid. I had a drink following each episode. With 2 packets of Picolax I must have gone a dozen times or more. They certainly did the job.

    It didn't actually hurt and I felt surprisingly relieved after each time. My colon felt better than it had for a long time. Maybe it cured the IBS temporarily.

    My advice would be to definitely stay at home and plan nothing else except maybe watch some recorded programs that you can pause and come back to.

    Try to see the funny side. My partner and I had an absolute hoot! Jokes and innuendo were flying around.

    Good luck with the colonoscopy.

  • I have had several colonoscopies and always taken Picolax prior to the procedure. I really isn't as bad as you expect. You need to stay home to be close to a lavatory but honestly it is not as bad as you are imagining it to be. I can truly say that if I had to take it tomorrow, I would not be bothered and originally I was as scared as you sound now. Don't be frightened, the whole thing is not bad at all - I have never been sedated for it (MY choice) and always gone straight back to work afterwards, which should reassure you Let us know how you get on.

  • Thankyou got the reply, I also asked not to be sedated but was told I have too 👎. Will let u know how u get on. Thanks again x

  • I have never been told that I Have to be sedated and have never had a problem. Both in Berkshire and in the east Riding of Yorkshire. Perhaps they feel you are very stressed. Good luck, keep us posted. x

  • Hi guys so had the colonoscopy today the laxative was nowhere near as expected and the procedure itself was fine too I hardly remember it because of the sedative which was also fine I felt very relaxed, I remember at one point I felt a bit of discomfort but nothing major, also nothing serious was found just some internal haemerrhoids. So that's a big relief, thanks again for all the support before hand when I was anxious x

  • Well done you; sorry you couldn't watch the screen it's really interesting and not at all yukky. So pleased all is well - you sound so much better today.

  • I had fallen asleep because when I woke up it was all over and the nurses were laughing at me I must have been chatting a load of nonsense lol they were lovely though. I feel relieved :). Thanks again x

  • You are very welcome.... Know what it's like. Having a a flare up myself today, first bad one for a while now. We are all in the same boat !!!

  • Oh no hope

    The flare up doesnt last long it's not nice makes you feel rubbish and really drains you. Hope

    It passes soon x

  • thanks for starting this post ,I know its a year old ,read it all most helpful

  • Had many colons copy's some with poco lax some with movie prep. Poco

    Lax is mildly unpleasant and colonoscopy same but certainly nothing to get anxious about. I'm 63 and have to have picola on 9 June for barium meal just one of them just follow instructions and don't stray far from toilet and u will be fine. Better to find the cause of your problems don't you think.good luck hope nothing serious

  • Hi

    You will be fine it's going to give you diarrhoea so stay near a loo all day.I have had 3 and I kept Vaseline next to the loo as your bottom can become very sore.Also keep a soft towel or flannel near the loo so you can wipe yourself .

    Drink plenty of water so you don't become dehydrated.

    Good luck x

  • Hi! As the others have said, make sure you stay near a loo. It doesn't taste great but it's doable. I had baby wipes on hand for afterwards as I went to the loo a lot and they helped. Make sure you drink lots of clear fluids as well. It isn't the nicest experience but it's important your bowels are as clear as possible for the colonoscopy so I just thought of it as a means to an end :-) You'll be fine! Hope all goes well xx

  • I have to get a colonoscopy in a few weeks, as my barium test weeks ago was negative, and they want to know why I was bleeding. I had the picolax for the barium test and its not too bad, just make sure you use very cold water, mine was citrus orange flavoured, its a little on the tangy side but really its not bad at all.

    For my upcomming colonoscopy I have a different one, a fruit flavoured one in a big 4 L jug, I am a bit nervous about the colonoscopy, I will be awake so that I can move as directed but I am told i wont remember it afterwards.

    Good luck to you, let us know how it goes!

  • Hi guys so had the colonoscopy today the laxative was nowhere near as expected and the procedure itself was fine too I hardly remember it because of the sedative which was also fine I felt very relaxed, I remember at one point I felt a bit of discomfort but nothing major, also nothing serious was found just some internal haemerrhoids. So that's a big relief, thanks again for all the support before hand when I was anxious x

  • Hi I have had 2 colonoscopies the most recent last year. Like all the others say stay close to the toilet, have wet wipes ready as they soothe as well as cream. With regards to the drink I struggled to drink it the first time, but someone recommended using a straw and I found that help. Good luck and try not to worry its over quickly xx

  • I had a colonoscopy in November and I was given 4 litres of stuff called klean prep. It wasn't very pleasent to take and I only managed 2 litres of it. My dodtor prescribed 2 sachets of picolax and I found it ok to take nothing as bad as klean prep. The procedure itself is not bad really. Just be sure to be very close to the bathroom as it works very quickly. Good luck with your test.

  • i had to take picolax in 2013 it doesnt taste too bad, like everyone else says you need to stay close to a loo, mine took 2 hours to work, i got a bit of a funny feeling like gut churning and thought i had better go, im pleased i did without meaning to be crude it was like a waterfall pure water, i was stuck on the loo for 30 mins the first time and only had a couple of minutes before i had to go back, the visits got fewer as the night went on but there was always the need to go feeling, i would get some sort of pad to sit on in your car as even after the procedure you still pass a little bit of whats left, the procedure wasnt too bad more uncomfortable because of the wind, i would recommend that if you are getting the camera down into your stomach have the mild sedation as i declined it and wished i had it afterwards, when they move you to recovery you will be full of gas lie on your left side it gets rid of it quicker dont be ashamed to fart as its the norm good luck :-)

  • Thanks for the update gemz, my colonoscopy is coming up June 12 and I will be more relaxed after reading your post. It's not as bad as expected.

    I am glad your procedure went well and you are ok. Hemmeroids can be a real annoyance.

  • Ahh good im glad that ive made you feel more relaxed about it, it wasn't so bad after all that worry I'm just shattered today lol. Let me know how yours goes and good luck :) xx

  • I'm so nervous, I have to take picolax tomorrow ready for Thursday X I have done it before and struggled to drink it but got there in the end. The first one was 7 years ago X this time I have to have an endoscopy too, I'm terrified! After reading the posts about the colonoscopy I feel much better but as an emetiphobic (feet of vomit) is so scared has any one had the endoscopy?

  • I've had an endoscopy. I had such a fear of been sick. Still do a bit I think the endoscopy helped cure some of my fear as was so sure was going to be sick and wasn't. Another help was a virus where I was sick over 10 times and survived. Still struggle sometimes. Got to take picolax for a colonoscopy and the fear is coming back again thinking it will make me sick.

  • I had a colonoscopy about 18 months ago for which I took Moviprep. It was gross and because the second batch began to make me gag I only managed to drink about half of it. I'm having another colonoscopy on Friday and have Picolax. What I'd like to know is which one is the grossest to drink.

  • I have mine this Thursday and was wondering what people symptoms are after

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