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Hi all,I've been on this forum quite often,I won't go fully into my story because it's to long.

About 12yrs ago I was diagnosed with IBS,as time has gone on ive been through all I can go through to try and solve my pain.

It is now chronic IBS meaning 24/7,and the pain and discomfort is gradually getting worse. I'm now at a stage where I don't know where to turn.

Someone mentioned to me Digestive Enzyme Supplements as I have had my Gall Bladder removed,has anyone else tried these? And I also take Lanzoprazole which depletes my body of enzymes but I have to take them as I also take Asprin.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Norma.

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Hi Norma, have you tried probiotics? I take a multi-strain probiotic and it's helped me enormously. Also, I've removed most of the processed sugar from my diet - 'party snacks are for parties!' which also helps my digestion. Good luck, IO hope you find some relief soon


I tied probiotics and didn't see a change. HOWEVER I am desperate here of late and I bought one, thought I read everything on the box I could find and after i took one my stomach was acting up... I have lactose intolerance and when i went back to the box I discovered it has lactose in it as do many (almost all) probiotics :(


Hi,I've tried no end of Probiotics,Symprove,Probio7,ect ect,all to no avail.

But all the same thank you for taking the time to reply.


Oh no, sorry I couldn't help. Fwiw I took lanzaprasole for a couple of weeks and have never been in so much discomfort so had to stop taking it. I don't know if that's an option for you and you would obviously have to discuss it with your G.P. but are there lifestyle changes you can make instead of taking it??? Really feel for you :-(


I really feel for you... I was having a good run and about a month and half ago it was like walking into a brick wall. 24/7 here as well. This time it's IBS- C :(

Hope you feel better soon.


Hi,I don't think there's much out there I haven't tried. I think I'm clutching at straws.

I've had this now for years 24/7 but it's gradually getting worse.

I've been to AE three times they can only give me a morphine jab and send me home.

I want something that will just give me a bit more relief.

If I can get to sleep that's the only relief I get.

Thanks for your reply considering your in the same pain. Hope you at least get some relief soon.


My dietician told me that generally the NHS doesn't approve of enzymes but that they are often used abroad. This may be because the UK seems to be behind the curve with IBS treatment. Have you investigated what Monash Uni says about them? They seem to be world leaders in treatment. Best of luck.


Hi James I bought the Monash Universty App for the Fodmap Diet,I also was seeing a Dietitian who was monitoring me on that diet,but after 7wks I felt so ill because it is so resticting. My problem being besides Haveing my Gall Bladder removed I have a few health issues,so I have to be careful what I take.

Like I said in an earlier post I think I'm just clutching at straws .because there's just no relief from it,unless I'm asleep.

Thanks for taking the time to reply though.


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