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What is fodmap and where can I find it. Suffered stomach pain and anal bleeding and yellow mucus diariah etc side taking medication for diabetes now stopped that one. Had all the tests endoscopy ,colonoscopy ,ct pelvic scan nothing. Was fobbed off with laxatives by so called specialist.now only have pain went eating although have constant feeling of needing bowel movement and when I get there only excessive wind and yellow mucus plus sometimes blood from internal piles. Any suggestions would be helpful. At63 it is ruining my later years.

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Hi cazbob,I know just how you feel,I've had this problem day after day for 12yrs,I've been through everything including the Fodmap diet,I personlly found it to restricting,and after 6wks I felt really ill. But it does work for a lot of people.

If you go to the App Store you can get the Fodmap diet that was originally from Australia The Monnash university. But they do recommend you only do this under a Dietitian.

If you find an answer to all this let us all know,because I've come to the conclusion I have to live with this to the end of my days.

Take care.


Get the book by Sue Shepherd and Paul Gibson of University of Michigan, who hit on the discovery that IBS involves undigestible 'sugars' (acronym FODMAPS)in the gut, fermenting. (And isn't that just how it feels?) " "The Low-FODMAP Diet. ISBN 978-0-09-195535-9 My library charged me 50p to get it--a bargain

This is not a crank diet, but a temporary pattern of eating to search for each sufferer's triggers. It's a scientifically proven bit of research.

We can but try--from all reports on here, there's no treatment, sympathy, understanding or even interest by the NHS in this miserable disease. My own GP just sits looking bored...


Hi, I can only enforse what Cchris has said, I sent for the book and its

definately the best thing Ive tried. You dont have to follow it to the

letter, just keep trying the various foods that could

be the source of your particular problem. What is a problem for me you

may be able to tolerate, its certainly worth a go and definately wont do

you any harm. I personally have other problems apart from my ibs

which Im finding difficult to find a solution for, part of my lower bowel

has been removed, in other words the part which enables me to hold

on until I can get to a toilet. Ive had lots of fun as you can imagine

trying to solve this dilema, Im given Immodium which stops the works

completely and then you have the problem of getting going again.

I have cried lots of times, my GP get the tissues out when I go but like

you I want to live out my life to the full, Im 77 now and I refuse to give

in. I get up and go and hope for the best and just keep trying different

ideas. Good luck.


Thanks to all who replied someone has suggested digestive enzymes any one tried them yet?be interested to find out.


Bless you ,all us IBS suffers know just how you feel. I have had IBS for many years but as I have got older it seems to be worse and take longer to recover from. I am 64.

My Dr has now advised me to try the Fodmap diet which I had never heard of and was a bit sceptical about but am going to stick to it as after reading about some of the foods that cause us pain realised they were a lot of what I eat and as some was veg thought I was eating healthily. Dr gave me a sheet to start but looked it up on Internet and also purchased two books from Amazon which are very useful not too expensive either. I am prepared to try anything if it Helps. Good luck hope you soon sort out some relief.


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