I have been suffering from bad abdominal pains now for quite some time, over the last few months they have got worse along with bloating and bouts of constipation. I finally made an appointment with the GP, I was told I simply have constipation?!? If it was just constipation would I have pains when not constipated and only when I eat certain foods that seem to aggravate my abdominal pains and bloat?


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  • Sounds like you need a second opinion to me .It may just be constipation but it might also be a bit more complicated than that .A referral to a dietician and review of what if anything might be effecting abdominal pain and bloat might be reassuring at the very least .GPS reaction is a common response to IBS

  • I agree with Huston . A second opinion or if you can't get that try insisting on a referral to a consultant. So many are dismissive of IBS. It's frustrating but stick at it. You need to have a few tests at least. A blood test would rule out Chrones disease then you need a scan and endoscopy at least. In meantime try and see if you have any trigger foods. Hope you get help soon and keep reading these posts. It helps to know you are not alone.

  • Thank you for your comments. I have an appointment next Thursday to see a different GP and hopefully they will be a little more helpful. I have been looking at the FODmap diet and might see if that would help.

  • Same have had severe pain every time I eat. Have had ct scan colonoscopy and endoscopy. Saw specialist yesterday said its my meds and sent me away with laxatives Nhs is a joke.

  • I was also sent away with laxatives. She did not say I should go back if they don't work or how long I should even take them for, her only advice was "take as many sachets in the day as you like, you can never take too much"?? When I questioned why when I was not constipated I was still in pain she replied "your constipated" I wasn't going to win! The stuff I have been given has made me more bloated than ever and also causing me pain!

    This is why I have put off going to the GP for so long, they never help anyway!

  • Dr. Oz had an interesting show the other day in which people with chronic diarrhea were asked my another Dr to cut off certain citrusy foods/fruits incl grapefruit, apples, etc for 21 full days and then seeing how you feel afterwards upon reintroduction. Other types of foods/veggies were broccoli, asparagus, etc.

  • Try flax oil 4 and pure cranberry juice 3oz a day

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