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Bloated and gas since many years Help

Hi im david and in mornings or even other time everyday im bloated and gas im only 18 even at school when is no noise or no talk or even studing in class im afraid that my stomach makes sound like gas (fart) and sometimes gets like that . I want a relationship and im afraid that something bad could happen.

I get it even at home when lots of people is here. Help i was at the doctor and i got multulim.

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Hi David, they may be an obvious culprit in your diet. Keep a close eye on what you eat and see if there is a common trigger food. Is it better when you are away from school or lots of people? stress and anxiety can play havoc with your digestion. Fennel Tea is very good, you can either buy it or just get some fennel seeds, put about a teaspoon of seeds in a cup and pour boiled water over, cool a bit and sip.

Deflatine is good for getting rid of excess wind and does so silently. It is also more convenient than brewing tea at school! Good luck


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