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Sore tongue

Hi all, I have had IBS-C for many years, and found the FODMAP diet helpful, but recently I cannot seem to get any kind of control over my bowels, not working hardly at all.

I have for a while had a sore tongue ( on the tip), seems to be worse when I come into contact with perfume etc. Just wondering if any one else with IBS has a sore tongue.

I have seen posts concerning another diet that helps some people, I think it avoids other food chemicals. Please can any one tell me where I can find the information, on this diet. Sorry I can't be more specific on the title of the diet.

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Hi I too have I.b.s c but control my bowels via Laxido which I take once or twice a week! As for the tongue problem I've never heard of that before ever, I get acidic problems in my stomach!


Hi foxkennedy21, thanks for your reply. Hope you don't mind me asking is your constipation the same as mine in that some times I don't get the urge to go and when I do I pass only a tiny amount of stool. Never feel as though the poo is stuck and hard to pass.

In my baggy jeans again today !!


I too have problems going sometimes days when I'm really bunged up, especially when I've not taken Laxido for several days!


Hi foxkennedy21, thanks for your reply. I'll look into the Laxido.


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