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What do you think it is?

About four weeks ago had bit of a tummy bug and since then my stomach is not right.

Gripping pains in my stomach before and after eating. Feel sick all the time and got a pain under my right breast where my gallbldder was. Not running to the loo though just feel like it. I feel tired and very under the weather. Had bloobd test for liver, panaceas and stool test all come back normal. I have convinced myself I have bowel cancer or liver cancer because of the pain. Does anyone else feel like me? X

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Everytime I have a bug I ended feeling a little bit worse in terms of my I.b.s I completely understand it's not fair is it? Keep asking for help, you definitely have something a miss!


You do need to see your GP and ask if you can be sent to a consultant for an endoscopy and colonoscopy


My daughter in crippling pain after she has been to toilet this morning


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