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Visited Dublin with my daughter on 26/3/2015 and had a bit of an accident re my bowel we went into Dunnes Store found the toilets on the 3rd floor and they had an attendant there and she told us we could not use the toilet unless we had purchased something or bought a ticket my daughter said please let my mum use the disabled toilet as she needs washing facilities and my daughter would go and purchase a ticket I was eventually given entry to the toilet just got my coat off and the door opened and it was the attendant to say if a mother turned up wanting to use the mother and baby facilities then she would have to allow them in I was shocked and started to panic as I wondered what would happen if a mother did come in while I was getting washed,but in order for my daughter to stand just outside the door she also had to purchase a ticket I have no problem re purchasing a ticket it's the attitude of the attendant,why put mother and baby facilities with in a disabled toilet and would she have allowe a mother entry if it had been someone in a wheel chair I felt I was being judged as I didn't show a scar,limp or any other visible sign of disability.

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  • Oh how awful for you. This is the sort of thing that happens when you don't have a visible disability.

  • What an awful experience, they don't seem to have great customer service and the attendant was well out of order imo! Try to not let it put you off going out, hopefully this was just a one off and I would be tempted to write a complaint letter to the store.

  • Hi Jamie,firstly I think that is terrible,who do these people think they are Hitler. Why don't you apply for a I need the toilet card also you can get a key for any disabled toilet. Where's the empathy of people gone. Take care.

  • most places you go to are usually very kind if you explain you are desperate and will let you use the bathroom no problem.

  • This is absolutely disgraceful. I know it's a hassle but often when people are treated like it's not the actual policy of the store so its worth writing to store manager or CEO or even tweeting about it As IBS sufferers we are eligible for key to disabled loo so surely in these situations we should be supported. If the store is worried about its reputation and how well its seen to care for its customers and adherence to disability and equality legislation then it ought to worried.

  • I know that this facebook page would definitely want to know your story as they are campaigning about this sort of problem If nothing else, it will help reassure you and your daughter are not alone.

  • i had an experience at the workplace. I had been to the workplace gym one morning and had needed the bathroom and it was being cleaned and there was a no entry sign up on the bathroom door and I went and deliberately ignored the sign and went in the bathroom anyway and did my business and after I had finished I had received a telling off from the cleaning staff for defying them but I would rather receive a telling off than have an embarrassing accident in front of everyone.

    another member of staff said how if you need the bathroom then that's that and one if those things.

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