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Low back pain nausea

I have had ibs for years and have had nausea, groin pain etc along with the lower abdo pain. For the last week I have had lower right back pain which is a sickening ache. I have bloating and gas and wondered if anyone else has this type of constant back pain. Lying down feels no different and it does not feel like normal back pain.

Had a ct with contrast in dec which was clear to check colon and it also shows spine and pelvis so I wondered if this is connected to my ibs. My consultant says symptoms can change.

I am a worrier so any advice would help if you suffer the same



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When my IBS diarrhoea flares up I get dreadful pains. Lower back, abdomen, my tail bone can also get very sore. It gets so painful in my back passage that even when I have just been to the loo, it still feels full. I don't have a lot of bloating or gas - but that just goes to show how IBS hits everyone in a different way. Heat helps me, plenty of hot baths and heat pads on tum and bum! Worry is the worst thing.




I am very confused! I have written about my terrible PN, with entrapped rectal nerve pain. I seem to be having something on top of that lately. I had the injections, everything, but still get flair-ups. The difference now is even without flairup, I am having symptoms similar to IBS. Before spinal cord surgery I had history of IBD, after my bowel and bladder were neurogenic. I had to dis-impact, hope this does not gross you out, and self-cath for bladder. Now my rectal area where I could never sit is worse, and I get abdominal pain and diarrhea., But in between I don't feel constipated as I am constantly having stool pass all day long. I don't really know whats going on, but don't want to deal with any more Doctors. When I stand or walk my whole rectum feels so swollen, but it does not look that way. They always said it was a sensation from PN, but I don't believe that. I have so much gas, and belching. Could the PN be mixed in with the IBS coming back? Its very confusing!! I am scared as there are so many other things going on to! I cannot sit without ice pack 24/7. I am so disgusted with health care system over these past years. I am in USA. The only thing I eat now s a diet Lean Cuisine, I cut out so much to see if it makes a difference. I am suspicious of some of my meds. I am low on Vit.D, started a supplement but feel its making things worse. I have nerver been able to tolerate vitamins, supplements, etc without getting diarrhea. Sorry this is so long and complicated! I hope for some input please! Feeling scared at the confusion!!! Thank you all! God Bless!



hi sometimes ibs pain moves called reffed pain . i get it in the hip like a stabbing.very annoying. im trying pilates and use zydol for pain when bad. walking helps if your not to unwell for both ibs and back pain. gets the back muscles and colon working in a gentle ryythm. hope improves soon. graham


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