I was diagnosed with IBS several years ago and prescribed buscapan that makes no difference. I need some advice on what foods to eat and what to avoid please as its now getting to the point where I cant cope with it any longer. My symptoms are constant bloating to the point of looking pregnant at times, sore and cramping stomach, constipation (spend ages sat on the loo) but then its very mushy. Never feel that I have emptied my bowels fully.

Would really appreciate some help.

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  • Hi leggy123

    I am just the same with my IBS its a nightmare trying to find jeans that fit me as I bloat up so big at times and feel so uncomfortable I drink camomile and fennel teas camomile calms and fennel is great for trapped painful wind and bloating I suffer from systemic lupus and under active thyroid too so that affects my IBS symptoms a lot my constipation gets bad I've gone 12 days before going the loo once or twice I eat porridge with sliced banana and flaked almonds on top for breakfast and drink cooled boiled water it helps my bowels I'm an anxious person so its easy to gulp in more air and therefore more wind and bloating misery I like a water bottle on my tummy at bedtime too its soothing for cramps I hope you find a solution soon its awful having IBS I know how you feel

  • Appreciate your reply

    Thank you

  • My suggestion is the low FODMAP diet which tackles the cause rather than the symptoms and many recommended it to me with good results. Also peppermint tea helps me, decent brand like Teapigs.

  • Thank you

  • Hi fellow sufferer it's nonsense if you have been given Buscopan and nothing else. Speak to your chemist who should be able to recommend something else if you feel your doctors aren't doing any good. I hope someone does something all your symptoms sound like they've altered - think if you're going through stress at the moment as that can cause the bowel to be sluggish!

  • Thank you

  • I too would recommend the Low FODMAP diet, I have been on it for nearly 12 months with great results. Try to find a dietician who is familiar with the diet . I would also recommend Sue Shephard's book which is excellent

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