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Kefir for IBS


I have spent years suffering from IBS-D and I am constantly trying new things to keep my bowel on an even keel. I have tried the FODMAP diet for a few months but there was no significant change. I recently read an article on drinking Kefir to help with IBS and it does seem to help, I have had less flare ups. However I am off on my holidays in a few weeks and I am unable to take my Kefir with me. I wondered if anyone knows anything about Kefir and could suggest a probiotic supplement I could take that might replace the Kefir whilst I am away.

Needless to say I will be taking large supplies of Loperamide and Buscopan with me.

Some days I feel a cork may be more use!!!

thank you for reading

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Are you in US? I've never heard of this in UK.


Hi dotty it's on the WebMD site today amongst 10 ways to help your digestion system.


No I am in the UK, but I don't think Kefir is generally well known over here. I found it by searching the internet for IBS help. You can buy it ready made but I bought the "grains" from a whole food site and make it myself. There is a good US website that I used to read up on it.



Hi chechee, you can get the Kefir grains off Amason I don't know if you'd be allowed to take them on holiday?


VSL3 is a good probiotic - I take two a day but it is expensive but it has helped me a lot.


Thank you Polly I will look into those.


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