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Beer and IBS

This causes my IBS to flare up more than anything but it can vary.

Before Xmas I went out for a few Pints or 8, I hadn't any issues with IBS or even a hangover, all Pubs I drank in and all Beer I drank were Real Ale or traditional Bitters.

Thursday I go out drink around the same amount and had a horrendous hangover for 3 days and diarrhoea on the fourth. I drank Coors Light & Smooth-flow Bitters.

Why do the mass produced Beers cause me to suffer far more than Real Ales & traditional Beers, Whereas a Traditional Scrumpy Cider can set of IBS immediately?

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Consider malt content, alcohol level, the fermenting process, additives.

It could also be the accumulate effect of your consumption over the festive period that pushed your digestion over the edge.


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Hi I love a drink and found out the exact same if I go out and drink it could lead to a accident diarrhoea in the past five years it has happened two years ago I have not been through the door since only to go away on holiday as I too have psoriasis and needed a sunshine hol to clear my skin up I find a polish lager I mix it with lime strong beer 5.5% and drink after four cans I'm terribly ill for three sara after so only drunk if it was a socialising event etc best policy is no beer as I ended up in hospital a few times in ex rutiating pain to be told by top consultant I must change my lifestyle xx


You have a choosy stomach. It doesn't take crap after the quality stuff. :)

Anyway I would suspect to the additives.

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I drink Coors light or Bud Light - up to one a day. My dietician said not to do that as it could be a problem with IBS. I told her that the beer actually makes my stomach feel better. She said a number of patients had told her the same thing. This isn't really relevant to your question, but just thought I'd mention it.


Could it be simply the sugar difference in each?

I find beer doesn't agree with me, haven't had Cider (well not real scrumpy) for a long time.

I find wine safer for my stomach and if I can get it, organic without sulphites. I think the sulphites are the main issue for health in wine (so a breast cancer doctor told me - he wasn't so bothered about the wine as grapes have antioxidant effects in moderation of course! but told me to avoid wine with sulphites - but it is near impossible to find wine without them).


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