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Urinary frequency and ibs

Hi everyone, still got the low right pelvic pain but wanted to ask if anyone has the urge to urinate more during a flare. Its not a uti no burning etc. Gynae did pelvic scan so just wondered if anyone gets this.

Pains moving all round as well even into rt shoulder ibs is a so scary as symptoms keep changing or perhaps thats just me. Feel so alone with this.

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I suffer from ibs C/D.My bladder is always worse when I am constipated.I am continually passing urine and at times tribble!!.

I think it must be pressure on my bladder so you are not alone.!

I haven't really found an answer as yet.

Good luck.


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Just want to add that I can say 'ditto' to what Chocolate just said... Usually its a nuisance to put up with...but nothing 'dangerous'... Sometimes I take a few extra Vit C 1000 mg's ...during the day, and for whatever reason, that seems to help me... Good luck to you.


Yup! I can go like 50 times daily! It's very annoying. I can't travel much but I have seen all the doctors around the world. It gets worse during period time too. Either try Chinese doctor prescribes herbal teas to help your kidneys and bladder or take anti- anxiety. I have ibsd so I have to eat very well and drink lots but then it just makes things go around and around 😱😱😁😁





Hi there. Yes. I totally get this. I have the same or similar. I get the right sided pain so bad it travels down my thigh almost to my knee. Hot, severing pain almost like a contraction. I needed to pee 44 times during my last episode. It's horrible going through this but it sounds like you're not alone. Not too much consolation but a little I suppose. Have a look at this, I found it really interesting as I'm now starting to get what feels like arthritis symptoms too.


This is one of many websites with information on this.

Please keep in touch or pm if you'd like to. This is pretty nasty stuff we have to deal with but the loneliness of it all can be avoided.


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i get pains low in my right side that go down my leg too, really uncomfortable feels like you have squashed something if you move your leg. I have just finished a course of tablets for a kidney and cystitis infection my whole body hurts as the antibiotics disagreed with my ibs, feel so achy and still have rib/back pain from kidney doc said that could take 2 weeks to settle. hopefully now antibiotics have finished my tummy will settle.


Pressure on bladder from bowel spasms can cause this


i have traveling pain and urinary incontinence. but my pain is under my right rib. i don't know if the incontinence is elated to gastro problems. i am trying to figure out how to deal with the incontinence without surgery. my incontinence is constant, though. i notice is worse when i'm constipated. don't know if this is really helpful.


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