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Has anyone used Fentanyl (or any nasal spray/lozenges for pain relief)?

I am currently taking Oramorph (20mgx3 each day) but it doesn't work fast enough at all. I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow-my consultants have all given up on me and told me just to get on with it and think I'm lucky I am not dying of cancer! I have come across Fentanyl which is also an opioid analgesic but comes in nasal spray and lozenge form which are meant to work within 10-15 mins (still not quick enough but half the time Oramorph takes to work). Does anyone have any experience of these? Or know of any quicker methods of pain relief? Obviously IV morphine is the best relief but impossible outside hospital, so looking for some answers from fellow sufferers rather than apparently useless doctors! Yes, I have tried every other drug and diet and therapy that could possible help with IBS before being abandoned with Oramorph despite my reservations about a lifetime on morphine at only 30 years old...

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I use duragesic patches, similar to fentanyl, been on a very high dose for years. They don't appear to help

With pain but if they are reduced or I forget to change them on time the pain is more severe. Not taking just for IBS tho. Word of caution tho not sure which IBS you have but morphine or morphine based meds can cause constipation. You can get oramorph in liquid form which is quicker acting and MST which is slow release, have you tried that? Various dosages ie 25,50,75 etc. good luck

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Yes I have been seen by local gastro and a national specialist at St Marks hospital (a national gut/intestinal centre that accepts patients from all over England), had every test, biopsy, and scan and diet to rule out everything. Even on the Oramorph I do not have constipation, which makes me wonder how horrific the diarrhoea would be without it! My dietician has been nice but I eat such a restricted diet and react to foods people don't usually react to (rice would make me ill enough to be hospitalised for example, yet gluten is fine). I have no money for supplements, although I have been lent money to try Symprove and some vitamins over the years. For me it is about managing the pain extremes, hence looking for a faster working pain killer to stop my symptoms getting worse-the pain goes up to 10 in a matter of seconds, and not controlling it leads to unconsciousness (hey, at least I can't be in pain whilst unconscious is how I try and put a positive spin on things!) Its been nearly 7 years and I have no life, no hope, no money and no independence and the only support comes from my husband and parents but perhaps there is something I haven't tried that my GP can suggest.


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