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Gut inflammation??

I have an 11 year old daughter who has Downs Syndrome. Unfortunately over the past year she has required several antibiotics for various infections which have severely upset her insides. Besides 4 hospital admissions since September, a recent test has shown she is Fructose Intolerant. I always felt she was but was never told this test existed! Shame! How bad the damage is I cannot tell you. All I can say is she is only able to tolerate boiled and baked foods with no fats or sauces added. No soups and no fibre either! After taking my sweetie swimming on Sunday, she had terrible abdominal pains and diarrhea because she'd swallowed some of the pool water!!

I feel the hospital are going very slowly with her. She is under the Paediatric Gastro Team but I won't disclose the hospital so as not to shame them - yet!

I'm doing all I can to ensure my child is healing however, not being a medical professional and unknowing what else is going on inside is very worrying as she simply continues her daily bland diet of dry white toast, plain white pasta, white rice and boiled potatoes. And on good days, hard boiled eggs, tinned tuna (in water) and plain white fish and if lucky boiled chicken.

Does anyone recognise any of this? If so, please be in touch.

The constant problem has been ongoing diarrhea when trying to introduce other foods, always starting with very small amounts of boiled broccoli/cauliflower/courgettes.

Any ideas or help out there please? Don't have the money to go private ):

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Mayb try probiotics all these antibiotics cause bad bacteria to form in the gut also live yoghurt . They work for me as I have really bad reactions to all antibiotics they help at the time but play my gut up . I can advise on good gut healers if you inbox me



Try probio7 from Holland and Barrett, work really well, put the good bacteria back in the gut


Tried it mich for 3 days 2 a day. Made me really ill.


Please ask your gastroenterologist for a referral to a paediatric dietitian who will be able to give you some advice regarding your daughters diet. You should not need to restrict her diet as much as this.


Thank you. He did whilst she was in hospital. But now we are home, the Dietician is very hard to get a hold of!! I have now managed to slowly introduce tuna and white fish into her diet and hope she will stay well with this. I then hope to introduce small amounts of cooked broccoli once again and some other veg that she was allowed just recently. But it does seem to be going on an awful long time and I do contemplate IBD quite a lot. Possibly Chron's? Her blood test results are also not too good and the GP continues to monitor them every 4 weeks...doing nothing to help further...very worrying actually!


Antibiotics causing gut problems? Hmm this sounds familiar! I don't have a fructose intolerance but suffer with i.b.s which has an unknown cause they now think it's stress! I think antibiotics are the curse of modern day living! I'm now resistant to most for 2 recurrent types of infection. I am now going to insist on no antibiotics, the doctors need to go back to the days of no antibiotics. Good luck with your daughter may be they'll listen to you some day!


Personally I would leave hard boiled eggs out of her diet as these are particularly hard to digest. Soft boiled eggs would be better also scrambled.

Have you tried her on a dairy free diet - I use Alpro for everything and also Pure spread also used for everything including baking


Thank u all for all ur helpful replies. My daughter's been on Bio Kult Probiotics for 3 months now, Phlexy-vits too as advised by her Dietician. I really think it's IBD as her Rheumatologist saw her blood results on his computer and has written to the Gastroenterologist and GP with his concerns about her and having lost over 2kg in body weight since last year!!


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