Bad two weeks

Have not been out of house in two weeks due to bowel and needing B12 injection,I don't have a stomach so all my food goes straight into the bowel sometimes it just comes straight through I can write this as no one knows who I am sometimes it can be lonely as you agree to go out and then at the last minute you have to cancel and it's very difficult to explain or for people to understand I have noticed the friends list has got smaller.

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  • Hi. Your situation sounds very difficult. I understand because with my IBS over the years I have often had to cancel going out with a friend at the last minute. I too, have seen the number of friends reduce. Also, I don't ask people round much because I am scared they will ask me back and it can be so difficult to cope when I am out. I have told a few people about IBS but often they think it's because I'm anxious and all in my head! I find this site really helpful.

  • I have lived with this from 1991 it started with stomach cancer,then the bowel so they have removed a lot of large and small intestine I cannot have a bag I have been on Codine Phosphate,and Lomitil,since then so if going out I have to try and make sure bowel is empty as I would not make it to toilet and they always put toilets in the furthest away places,but we just have to deal with it but there are days I cry and maybe feel sorry for myself but now I don't talk about it as you can always read someone's face.thank you for taking time to reply.

  • Shame there aren't more support groups around because then we could all meet up and understand each other if we had to nip to the loo a lot! I tried to find a group near me but as far as I know there isn't one.

  • This is a long shot but ... I have heard that high dose probiotics can sometimes help - VSL3 is the best - two sachets a day - but you need to build up to this gradually over a week or two - sometimes possible to get it on prescription in UK or available on website.

  • Jamie, and everyone on this site. I have chronic bowel problems (maybe not as chronic as some people ) plus some more life threatening problems, but to much to go into. What I would really like to say is because of health problems ,we all lose friends if you can call them freinds. But being on this site I've made some great friends without even getting off my settee. Please don't be lonely any of you, if you feel like a chat come on here we're all here to help each other, and like you say Jamie you don't see anyone so feel free to be as open as you like. Even if you just want to have a rant because you feel down we don't mind do we FRINDS!!! BIG HUG from me to you all.

  • I agree with Gemini. This is a lovely site - everyone is kind and understanding. Whatever the reason for it, IBS is miserable. Do you have a good consultant Jamie 38?

  • Understand the problems re being asked to people's houses and not wanting to go. It's very difficult to lead a "normal" life like it seems everyone else does. I have suffered since 1986 when IBS was not so talked about and didn't realise I had a problem till the 1990's. A few months ago I finally tried the FODMAPS diet which has helped me. I can only suggest fellow sufferers give it a go. I wish I'd known about this site earlier - I've been very lonely too over the years as not many people understand. Interesting post about someone taking redundancy and the problems disappearing - I am hoping to get a chance to leave work soon as I do feel it will help me too.

  • This is a difficult problem. The stomach usually regulates the entry of food into the bowel and if it has been removed then food comes straight out and is propelled into the colon and out. You are best taking food that is not too liquid or sloppy, so that it stays in the small intestine for longer and is more likely to be absorbed. It may also help to rest for at least an hour after eating. Guar gum used to be given for this problem. it makes the intestinal content more viscous so that it travels through much more slowly.

  • Have you ever see a dietitian for your symptoms? Surgery to the digestive system in particular surgical resections can alter the way that food is handled - I suggest you ask your GP for a referral or check out the following link for a private consultation. Knowledge about the affects of surgery can help you alter your diet to reduce symptoms, if you can see a surgical dietitian even better, but these dietitians are not available in every area.

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