Alflorex, longer than four weeks for benefit

Hi just wondering if any of you that have taken the probiotic Alflorex, found it took longer than the four weeks reccomended to see any improvements with their symptoms. I had taken it for seven weeks without any benefit, then for the eighth week I had normal bowel movements for just over a week, what a miracle!! Unfortunately I did not order any more as I thought it was not helping. After a few days with out the probiotic my IBS is back as before 🙁 May be won't plan a holiday after all !!

I have now placed an order, but I am interested to learn about any one else who may have taken this probiotic.

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  • Movements were more predictable with Alflorex so continued use with easing of symptoms that will not stay long when the culture dies off in days.

  • Hi KMC442, thank you for your reply, just wondering how long you took Alrlorex before you had any improvement.

  • I have been taking it for about six months now and found it started to work after about two or three weeks. If you do have any queries, you will find the firm's customer services very helpful indeed.

  • Hi brandywell thank you for your reply, glad it is helping you 😊, it does seem strange that it took so long in my case, may be a coincidence, and not that at all. I will try it again though.

  • hi

    was you suffering ibs "c" or "d"

    i tried culturelle for 3 months did not improve my ibs.

    hope your alflx works. let us know how you are after a few weeks again



  • Hi grahamrupertrules, thank you also for your reply. I have IBS-C, but I believe this probiotic has a very good reputation for helping IBS-D as well. I have some more on order and will continue taking them for longer.

    If they do help I will let you know.

  • I have been taking Alflorex for nearly six months now and the improvement is amazing. I found that nothing really changed during the first four weeks. During the following four weeks I did alternate between D and C and nearly lost heart but continued. At the end of week eight I really started to feel different and I have not looked back since, so my advise is to stick with it. I have suffered from IBS for nearly 35 years and my use of imodium was a weekly occurrence. I have not taken imodium since. My only other treatment (apart from taking alflorex daily), is to take one digestive enzyme, which just helps me. So try Alflorex again and stick with it for at least three months before passing judgement on their effectiveness for you. Hope that helps.

  • Hi Sabberton, thank you for your reply, this IBS does keep us busy!

    Yes I will give it longer this time, I really hope it was this product that did begin to ease my symptoms. I have had IBS-C for twenty years, it was so great to feel normal, if only for a week. Hope you continue to feel well 😀

  • very busy,,,, lol, Is there anyone on here that's had a 'definite' cure????? or for longer than a few months???

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