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Anal intersussception

I have finally been diagnosed with severe IBS, anal intersussception, Endometriosis and sacroilitus. And have had meckles diverticulim removed. I'm always in pain and suffer from depression. I have tried everything and I'm left on strong medications. Does anyone have any advice about surgery for an anal intersussception please??? It seems to be my last option but I'm quite scared. Thanks for reading.

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I dont know what an anal intersussception is - I have been disagnosed with a retrocele from difficult childbirth - taken over 40years to get diagnosis after many problems with bowel. I haven;t had any treatment yet - still waiting but from the research I.ve done seems very important to have specialists do the surgery - St Marks at Harrow is apparently the best option in UK for bowel surgery. good luck


Whatever you can do to address your depression will help your recovery, I'm sure. Having a diagnosis would cheer me up. It's not knowing what's causing horrible pain drives me nuts. Hoping you get relief soon!


Thanks so much for your replies all that time ago, its taken me this long to work out i had messages lol...

To keep you updated i finally have an appointment to see a surgeon who deals with this problem where the rectum telescopes into itself... causing all sorts of problems.

hope you are both well as can be

thank you


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