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IBS flare not going away

My IBS settled for years then about 4 weeks ago it flared up again after being constipated I finally went loo for normal BM but since I went my bowels felt so tender & sore and since then it just wont settle I kept getting tight knot in centre between ribs and navel could hardly walk with it then buscopam helped that but am still having tenderness around left hip and above pubic bone I dunno of its wind or what but it won't go feels tender to touch aswell and really bubbly intestines WHY Won't it settle ??

Had xray / bloods etc all fine

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I get pain like this all the time in my legs and feet. Just a bit of movement and it is really painful.

I really want to try acupuncture, as many have good results.

But, the NHS leaflet I have says it's up to you as there is no medical reason why it would work. Which is odd really.


Ah, good point about the eastern thing.

As I say, I might try it for my IBS, I really want to relieve stress as I think that will really help.

As I get stressed over the simplest things like going to the loo, I get scared of what might happen. So, will look into it and also am going back to the doctors too.

Thanks :)


Yours is where mine is. My daughter's also . Hers was undiagnosed diverticulitis. She's cured it through diet and exercise. Mine is PD related IBS-C some probiotics help but most helpful is LOW FODMOPS diet and physical therapy specializing in abdominal pain.

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See your doctor and soon! There's a deeper problem there you need this sorting! Good luck!


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