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To Newly dx IBS

Have you tried following the FODMAP diet. I can share what has helped me and you can see if it helps you. First I did a 21 day detox diet under my chiropractor and naturopathic doctor using Standard Process products., then began following the FODMAP diet, and take a product called Sweetish BittersIt that has truly helped me, and daily probiotics. I was in so much pain it made me double over. Hope this helps.

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Hi, I have found trying to cut out bread/wheat products helps. I've also started probiotic drinks and I have noticed an improvement in my symptoms


What probiotics do you take ?


I take Activia drinks. I have tried probiotic tablets but I didn't find they made any difference. Cutting out tomatoes and bread too has made a big difference. but 'horses for courses' as they say!


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