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Alternating IBS

I know that IBS A means that symptoms alternate between constipation and diarrhoea. Does anyone suffer from weeks of constipation and then weeks of mainly diarrhoea? Whatever I read about IBS A seems to imply that C and D alternate on a daily basis. I find I have IBS C for ages, and then suddenly develop the opposite with no warning. Nothing changes - diet, lifestyle etc, just another thing to worry about!

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Yes, I am the same. Although predominantly C, I often have a break with D that lasts for days and then back to C. I'm not sure why either, just when I think I understand my IBS, it changes!


Prof. John Hunter's book I.B.S. Solutions is really helpful and so is Arthur White's Diverticulitis.


Hi Binks yes I get this weeks of one then the other and sometimes I just get wind building up but it doesn't want to come out I just get more and more bloated and it gets more painful but IBS seems to like to keep you on your toes...


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